• Feb 24, 2020

of Feature of character of a Pekinese

Character of a Pekinese is colourfully reflected in the following response: "The Pekinese should speak "Please" — one of the English manufacturers admitted. — Shout at such dog — and she will pout until you do not feel that you around are guilty".

the Pekinese likes to remind

of the regal origin and waits that it was cherished and indulged. But you will not call him the fragile or coddled dog. He does not know fear and the great inventor, loves different toys.

Distinctive feature of character of a Pekinese – bravery. The bravery of a Pekinese can border on recklessness. This tiny doggie will advance to the attack on a bear or a lion if it is required.

With identical pleasure the pet will rush on a lawn, to play and to sit grandly at you on hands.

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