• Jan 13, 2020

white poodle on a graviyka of a photo
On a photo: poodle

of Feature of character of a poodle

the Poodle, irrespective of the size — the embodiment of the thin sincere organization, intelligence and at the same time impetuous fun. On character the poodle is cheerful, playful, charismatic and capable to turn even the most gloomy day into a holiday.

Representatives of breed are ready to rush and play
tirelessly therefore they need family in which at least one person will not be is a burden by at least an hour a day to carry out in the fresh air. And walks are necessary active, with outdoor games. If the poodle is limited in movements, he will find where to splash out energy, however his ingenuity will hardly meet understanding of you. The pet can begin to spoil things, to bark in vain or even to vent bad mood on people around.
Poodles are extremely intellectual and willingly study. Moreover, they as monkeys, like to copy your actions — on the of manners.
Character of each dog is individual. Some keep with inexpressible advantage, others — soft and pliable. But almost all owners of poodles meet that representatives of breed possess the developed intuition and most often in good time guess what command to them will be given.
On character a poodle is very sociable and can quickly get used to new family even if it got the adult there. But they do not take out loneliness and very much miss in separation from the owner.
Having met by
the stranger, the poodle will keep watchfully and is closed, but without aggression. At most, of what he is capable — полаять for prevention. But if someone attempts upon the favourite owner, the poodle right there will rush on protection. To these dogs not to occupy courage.
If in family is other dogs, the poodle with them will get on with ease. But with a cat can begin war. However, if a cat sociable and kind, most likely, they get on.
All these valuable qualities of character of a poodle together with a variety of the sizes and colors made these dogs by very popular breed.

Character of a poodle in relation to children

the Big and small poodle patiently concern even small children. Thanks to high intelligence, they understand that the child goes to far in caress not from the evil therefore philosophically treat even the most irrepressible manifestations of children's love. And with pleasure participate in rough fun of children. And it is possible to combine business with pleasure: for example, to include elements of logic or dog agility in a game.
As for dwarfish and that is a poodle, they categorically are not suitable for family with children 8 years are younger. Too these doggies fragile. The child can, having played, to unintentionally cripple a canine friend.
Besides kids of the dog world often are afraid of children, their rough flashes and unpredictability. And if the child is persistent in the aspirations to communicate, can begin to roar or even to bite by a hand. But it not manifestation of aggression, but elementary self-defense.
Provide to
constant observation of communication of a dog and the small child. Train the child in the correct attitude towards a canine friend. Do not allow to hurt the pet, to shout at him, to frighten, disturb during sleep or food.

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