• Jan 4, 2020
Yorkshire Terrier of a Photo
On a photo: Yorkshire terrier

Character of a Yorkshire terrier: pluses and minuses

Character of a Yorkshire terrier has the pluses and minuses.

the Yorkshirksky terrier will never refuse to jump and play
. This dog is so hardy and tireless that the whole day can rush. Also it is ready to go for the person though to the world's end!

On character Yorkshire terriers are affectionate and betrayed, capable to catch nuances of mood and health of owners. Yorkshire terrier is always ready to come to the rescue: to console and amuse if to you it is sad, or to share your joy. At the same time shows amazing sense of humour.
a Yorkshire terrier is not suitable For unsociable owners — he strives to make friends with each passer and cross.
of the Missile defense it is said that it is a big dog in a small body — he thinks himself a giant! Therefore it is fearless and capable to show hardness and to insist on the. Be not they such tiny, they would leave great bodyguards. But also so this kid is always ready to rush for protection of the relatives — without reckoning with superior forces of the opponent.
They are extremely clever and inquisitive
. Therefore study easily. But here the monotony and excessive repetitions is not taken out.

the Mimicry of representatives of breed cannot leave to
indifferent anybody. They so funny tell all nuances of the mood that it is necessary to smile.
Yorkshire terriers easily get on with other animals though they on walk can be lifted up with other dogs or send cats.
Sometimes they play pranks, play pranks and very touchingly take offense if they feel deprived of attention.
All these qualities of character of a Yorkshire terrier made breed of one of the most popular in the world. But you should not forget that only that dog on whom did not regret time and forces — for training and socialization can become the wonderful partner.

Character of a Yorkshire terrier in relation to children

of the Yorkshire terrier, as well as any decorative breed, it is better not to get if in family there are children up to 5 years. The small child can unintentionally cripple the pet. And the Yorkshire terrier not always has sufficient tolerance to bear familiarity and importunity from small children who are not capable to control themselves yet — can bite.
can Take the representative of breed only in case children rather adult to treat the pet gently, and understand that the canine friend has desires and requirements.
your responsibility — to explain to the child of the rule of communication with a dog. Then, if the child rather adult to understand all measure of responsibility, they can quite have friendly relations.

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