• Dec 10, 2019

Features of character of an affenpinscher

The character of an affenpinscher is distinguished by activity and playfulness. It is a vigorous doggie which is always occupied with something, cheerful and sometimes a little harmful, but permanently charming.

Affenpinscher Photo Portrait

On a photo: affenpinscher. Photo source: https://www.petguide.com

On character an affenpinscher – the faithful, loving and devoted dog. It is always ready to rise in defense of the family and the house. This is the excellent watchman as treats strangers suspiciously.

Affenpinschers are very self-confident and consider themselves big dogs therefore you should be attentive not to allow fights, especially with large dogs.

The affenpinscher adores walks and tricks. He with pleasure will entertain you execution of the circus program.

Not in character of an affenpinscher without need to rustle, however dogs who nervously react to noise meet. Therefore socialization, schooling of the pet quietly is of great importance to react to people, other animals, transport, etc.

Affenpinschers are clever dogs and well study. But from you regular trainings will be required. The affenpinscher will estimate the sequence and tranquility in treatment of him.

In character of an affenpinscher is perfectly combined courage and a charm. They are hardy, but at the same time are gentle and sensitive.

The affenpinscher adores traveling and easily adapts in new conditions.

On character the affenpinscher reminds a terrier: he is enterprising, curious, sometimes is stubborn, but at the same time is cheerful, playful and tender to members of the family.

In general, the character of an affenpinscher well characterizes expression "the moustached imp". This is the wonderful partner.

Character of an affenpinscher in relation to children

Affenpinschers not too love children and do not welcome familiarity, and this line of their character needs to be considered. However, and they do not pose a threat. More likely, the child, inaccurately treating a dog, can do much harm her. But if to provoke an affenpinscher, he is capable and to bite. Therefore for family with children it is not the most suitable choice.

If so it turned out that the affenpinscher lives in family with children, your task – to teach the child to treat a dog carefully, not to disturb at meal time or a dream and not to force to communicate violently or to suffer unpleasant manipulations.

Do not leave an affenpinscher and the small child alone unguarded.

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