• Dec 2, 2019

the Austrian pinschers have peaceful and polite character thanks to what are deprived of unmotivated aggression and perfectly get on with all family members, including children.

At the same time is present at character of the Austrian pinscher willfulness е . They are mistrustful to strangers and do not tolerate familiarity. But to owners are betrayed selflessly.

Is bright dogs who perfectly study. The main thing — to begin education and training of the pet from the first day of emergence in your house.

is the Is best of all the Austrian pinscher feels in a country house. If you got this dog to the apartment, your task – to provide early socialization, the correct education and sufficient loadings (as physical, so intellectual). Besides, these dogs are inclined to bark loudly at strangers that can develop into a problem at room contents.

the Austrian pinschers are very tied to the house and are not inclined to escapes. However consider their cocky character – it can lead to troubles on walk.

Breed will suit not everyone. The best owner for the Austrian pinscher – the active person who is ready to find for a dog time and to make efforts to create for her comfortable life.

Character of the Austrian pinscher in relation to children

the Austrian pinschers not bad get on with children, however do not take out familiarity. And if the children pull a dog a tail or ears, the pet can snap and even to bite. Therefore it is extremely undesirable to get the Austrian pinscher in seven ю е with small children.

Anyway, explain to the child that the dog is a living being who needs to be respected. Strictly forbid the child to disturb a dog during sleep and food, to hold by force if the canine friend wants to retire.

under no circumstances do not leave to

I the small child alone with a dog!

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