• Dec 11, 2019

Features of character of the boxer

You should not forget that boxers are guard dogs. In the beginning their ancestors hunted a large animal, then – worked in army and police. All this found reflection in character of the boxer. And though initial aggression during selection disappeared, abilities to protection and protection at these dogs in blood. They, certainly, will not begin to attack without cause, but to strangers can show vigilance. However, most often, if not to provoke them, boxers are friendly and quiet dogs.

Dog of Breed Boxer of a Photo On a photo: a dog of breed the boxer Boxers like to study

, but it is important to find to them the correct approach. Otherwise they are capable to lose interest in occupations and to go on the affairs. And even to show obstinacy, even to show teeth.

Representatives of breed choose to themselves the owner. And if you were lucky to become for the boxer the, you receive the wonderful friend and the partner.

Boxers late (to years to three), and vivacities mature and playfulnesses do not lose till an extreme old age. Sometimes they are called clowns, so funny and ridiculously they behave in a circle "of".

In the apartment the boxer is quiet, but on the street likes to gambol. Energy demands an exit therefore try to provide long active walks – with bustle and an aportirovka. If not to make it, the dog itself will find where to realize surplus of energy, but you can not be enraptured with his ingenuity.

By the way if the boxer walks in your fenced yard, be convinced that the fence is rather high. Otherwise the pet can quite jump over it.

it is necessary to watch in the Summer that the dog did not overheat. The structure of a muzzle such is that it can "earn" heatstroke.

Boxers are devoted, perceive a lack of communication badly.

Representatives of breed wish to start a fight with tribespeople. Consider it, going to walk. If the fight took place, the boxer does not give up. He is rested and is almost not sensitive to pain. However, modern boxers aspire to competitions rather, but not to fight to the death.

Correctly well-mannered boxer is allocated with fearlessness, keenness, fast reaction and very well copes. He does not belong to the class of the refined intellectuals. The proletarian origin has an effect: the representative of breed is distinguished by some gaucherie and frankness. However a peculiar charm the boxer is not deprived.

Character of the boxer in relation to children

Thanks to a surprising combination of cheerful nature and steadiness, the boxer is capable to find easily a common language with the child and even to master the nurse's profession. This dog loves children and with pleasure participates in their games and pranks, accompanies on walks and if necessary will give for them life.

But all this is fair only for the pet on whom did not regret time and forces. That the boxer became a friend for your child, it needs to be brought up and trained.

Anyway, it is not necessary to leave the small child and the boxer unguarded.

Also you should teach children to rules of communication with a dog. Do not allow them to disturb the pet when he eats or sleeps. The dog cannot be pursued if she decided to retire and leaves. And, of course, at all not to beat. Explain that a dog – not a toy, and the full member of family, with the rights and requirements.

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