• Jan 8, 2020

Before getting the Caucasian sheep-dog, it is necessary to understand whether these dogs on character suit you. The character of the Caucasian sheep-dog has a number of features which need to be considered.

Features of character of the Caucasian sheep-dog

The character of the Caucasian sheep-dog is distinguished by fearlessness, ability to enter a fight with any opponent and at all not овчарочья independence, these dogs got used to work without thinking about the person. Therefore it is not as simple to train and bring up these dogs as can seem. So, representatives of breed will not suit the beginner or insufficiently self-assured person.

The Caucasian Sheep-dog Costs on the Road of a Photo

On a photo: Caucasian sheep-dog. Photo: google

In a quiet situation these dogs behave is sluggish, impressive, economically spend forces, and there can be a deceptive impression of inoffensiveness and complaisance. However the Caucasian sheep-dog on character is quite aggressive, and at the same time possesses instant reaction. And if the owner does not pay enough attention to timely socialization, such dog can become dangerous both for people around, and for family of the owner. These dogs treat strangers very suspiciously, and it concerns both people, and animal.

The Caucasian sheep-dogs are badly suitable for life in the conditions of the city. The character of the Caucasian sheep-dogs was built up for performance of concrete work: protection of herds and housing of the owner. Therefore they perfectly protect and need a scope. At the same time they accurately outline borders of "the" territory, and a grief to the stranger who on ignorance will cross them. Agree, in the conditions of room contents this trait of character of the Caucasian sheep-dog can deliver an array of problems.

the Caucasian sheep-dogs are not too active, however it does not mean that they do not need walking (even if you live in a country house), physical and intellectual activities.

These dogs, as well as any other, require attention from the owner. If the Caucasian sheep-dog starts missing, she will direct the energy to destructive actions, and even aggression.

Caucasian Sheep-dog Close Up of a Photo

On a photo: Caucasian sheep-dog. Photo: google

Character of the Caucasian sheep-dog in relation to children

In family with children the Caucasian sheep-dog is not recommended to be got. Children are not able to control manifestations of the love, and will not call representatives of breed by a tolerance standard. Besides, on character the Caucasian sheep-dogs are not too playful, and the vanity made by children only irritates them. Quite often Caucasian sheep-dogs feel frank hostility to children.

If all of you brought the Caucasian sheep-dog to family with children, strictly observe safety rules . If the dog strains in the company of the child, physically isolate them from each other. Constantly control communication of children and the Caucasian sheep-dog. And do not leave the child and a dog alone at all!

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