• Dec 5, 2019
the English bulldog — the best choice for the elderly person who needs the company for slow walks, but not long campaigns and also for the family conducting measured life.

of Feature of character of the English bulldog

British consider them in general a symbol of the British character.
of the English bulldog consider the embodiment of "the true gentleman" thanks to such qualities as commitment, determination, thoroughness, conservatism, coolness, some calmness, respectability and aristocratism.
On character the English bulldogs are good-natured, clever, brave and, despite a little frightening appearance, are very appeasable (but without ingratiation), selflessly love children.
Is strong, quiet dogs with pronounced identity. Are bright, all grab on the fly, with pleasure join in a game.
Is also difficulties: the English bulldogs are not capable to work tensely, strongly snore in a dream (as tipsy men) and badly transfer a heat.

Character of the English bulldog in relation to children

the English bulldogs — an excellent dog partner, including for family with children. These dogs love children and are capable to forgive a lot of things to them. However accustom children to that they not too tired a dog with outdoor games — because of problems of bulldogs with breath.
Bulldogs care for children, it is difficult to enrage representatives of breed. They, maintaining impenetrable expression on a muzzle, are capable even to give a ride to absolutely small child astride.
But at the same time dogs weigh very much and, having played, can accidentally touch the child. Therefore do not leave a bulldog alone with children. However, this rule concerns dogs of any breed.
Also accustom children that the dog cannot be disturbed during sleep and food at all or if she was simply tired of communication and wants to retire to the secluded place.

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