• Jan 3, 2020

Features of character of the Irish setter

The character of the Irish setter is distinguished by good nature and peacefulness. In these dogs there is no aggression neither to relatives, nor to people. The watchman from the Irish setter will not turn out.

The Irish Setter Lies on the Earth of a Photo

On a photo: Irish setter. Photo: pixabay.com

The setter also perfectly gets on with other pets, including with cats. However, small animals (rodents or birds) can fall a victim of a hunting instinct of a setter so to get them if in the house there lives such dog, it is not recommended.

For the Irish setter it is important to find a way out of vigorous energy so to the fan to spend time on a sofa in front of the TV this dog will not approach. At the Irish setters fine reaction, and they are extraordinary active. The Irish setter will become the excellent partner for the athlete. But you remember that these dogs are inclined to escapes so lower the pet from a lead only if are sure of its obedience.

you will hardly wait for
of Implicit obedience from the Irish setter, however they are extraordinary clever and very thinly react to everything that occurs around. At the same time representatives of breed are true and gentle in relation to all family members.

On character the Irish setter – very chelovekooriyentirovanny dog, and loneliness transfers hardly. For it all the time is important to be in society of people.

Character of the Irish setter in relation to children

The Irish setter can be the quite good choice for family with children. These are patient, gentle and tender dogs who never intentionally will offend and will not frighten the child. At the same time the dog with pleasure will take part in childish sports and will obey even the youngest family member.

However all this is right for dogs of competent cultivation and at the correct education and training.

Besides, a task of parents – to teach the child it is correct to treat a dog. Do not abuse kindness of your pet, do not allow children to torment him, to treat roughly a canine friend, to disturb a dog at meal time and a dream or to annoy if the setter was tired of communication.

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