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for a wide range of people. These creations throughout long centuries was permitted to contain only to members of the Chinese imperial family. Theft of a dog threatened any person with deadly punishment. On the historical homeland treated these creations with a special piety. On a legend, they are result of love of a monkey and a tiger. It, of course, is not true, but at the same time this a small doggie differs in grandeur of a big cat and at the same time cunning and nimble as a macaque.

Characteristic Features of a Dog Pekinese
the Dog a Pekinese a long time was inaccessible for a wide range of people.

In spite of the fact that Pekineses differ in very modest sizes, to not all people recommends to get such animal. Quite often, if in the house there lives still the child, other dog or a cat, can arise conflict situations. Pekineses do not love when all attention is directed not to them therefore, having been jealous, can even bite the alleged rival. Usually communication of these doggies and children comes to an end with nothing good. That the Pekinese behaved in an admissible way, it is necessary to be engaged in his education from puppyish age. The inaction of the owner also leads to the fact that the dog becomes absolutely uncontrollable.

Characteristic Features of a Dog Pekinese
Pekineses do not love when all attention is directed not to them.

History of emergence of breed

It is considered that the first Pekineses appeared in the territory of China 2000 years ago. Thus, this breed is one of the most ancient among recent. Throughout a long time only members of imperial family had these unique creations. Even representatives of the nobility, as well as at commoners, had no opportunity to get such pet, This breed was formed in very closed conditions, and her representatives had no opportunity to be crossed to other dogs. The world learned about Pekineses only in 1860 when British occupied the Summer palace in Beijing. At this time 5 thoroughbred animals were taken out as trophies from there. The character of this breed was in many respects built up under the influence of conditions in which they were. On the historical homeland these animals are known under different names which in translation are meant by a "lotus flower", "a lion's doggie", "pearl". The modern name of creation was received in honor of Beijing.

Monarchical persons of China always were near the pets, carried on hands, even on a throne favourites of emperors were together with them. Thus, even rumors about unique pets who are available for representatives of a ruling dynasty of China went to the Middle Ages, but not that commoners, even kings of other countries could not receive such doggie.

Pekineses were created under the influence of conditions in which they lived . Each animal had a personal servant who walked the pet on the lead decorated with a set of gemstones and hand bells. For day Pekineses received procedures for care of eyes, teeth and wool. On the historical homeland these tiny doggies had also sacral value. Was considered that they were conductors of emperors in a next world therefore they were buried together with monarchical persons after their death. Modern representatives both appearance, and temper not too differ from the ancestors living in palaces.

of Feature of breed Pekinese (video)

Standards and appearance

These animals differ in more than modest sizes. Usually growth in withers of such pets does not exceed 20 cm. On average, according to the standard established for representatives of this breed, dogs reach only 5 kg, and boughs about 5.4 kg. The animal has to have a dense constitution. The general shape of a dog has to be majestic and noble. Head of a Pekinese quite massive. A forehead wide and flattened in the area between ears. The dome-shaped form is considered defect. Ears are rather small. They are put highly and have the characteristic form of heart or a poplar leaf.

A muzzle very wide and a little hitched up. According to the available standard, at a nose bridge of a Pekinese there has to be a small cross fold. The lower jaw at a thoroughbred animal large. Language has to be located in a mouth completely. The nose lobe a little priplusnut is also located almost at the level of an eye. It does a general view of an animal a little snub-nosed. Nostrils have to be well opened. A neck at Pekineses short, but at the same time quite brawny therefore transition from the head to a body is a little smoothed. The area of withers is expressed well. It smoothly passes into a brawny back. Body of an animal very compact. Back equal and wide. The waist has to be a little made narrower and convex. Area of a breast extended. It differs in good volume. Edges of slightly convex rounded shape. The belt at a healthy animal has to be tightened.

Paws of small length, but quite large. They have rounded shape. Paws have to be well created therefore the animal should not lean on pyast. A doggie the Pekinese has to stand on pads very strong and steadily. Pads are a little slanted, and shovels densely adjoin to a breast. The healthy animal has to have pulled together wrists, developed outside. Back extremities differ in well developed frame and the expressed corners of joints. Pads have to be placed in parallel each other.

Wool at representatives of this breed long. On ears it can form characteristic brushes. A little extended wool is observed to areas and the heads and necks. It makes an impression of presence at an animal of a mane. To the touch wool at these dogs same soft, as at cats. Now also the sleek-haired Pekinese is brought, but traditional kinds of animals did not lose the popularity. In spite of the fact that the black, red and hepatic color most often meets, also other shades are quite allowed. At the same time the puppies having white spots on a forehead are especially appreciated. The basis can be both black, and red color.

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Temperament of a small doggie

The character of representatives of this breed has both the merits, and certain shortcomings. These room doggies are not too clever, but are extremely stubborn. To induce them to do something it is almost impossible. It creates considerable complexity in training even to simple teams as similar occupations for Pekineses are absolutely uninteresting. In spite of the fact that representatives of this breed do not differ in the increased aggression, they are not recommended to be brought to families with small children. Even the insignificant blow of the child can provoke an aggression attack at a dog.

If in the house there lives a cat, the Pekinese can also react to it not absolutely adequately. Usually representatives of the cat family do not manage to give a dressing-down to them as those can get on the height which will be inaccessible for a small doggie. These doggies quickly become attached to adult family members, becoming for them the loyal friend. However they concern children at best frostily as for them it is potential competitors in fight for attention of the favourite owner. This dog likes to be the focus of attention. If she does not receive necessary attention, she can play pranks for harm. can be carried To shortcomings of temper of representatives of this breed:

  • obstinacy;
  • willfulness;
  • excessive self-confidence;
  • disobedience;
  • difficult learning ability to teams.

At the same time to family members whom the dog considers as the friends she shows amazing good nature. These little beings differ in fearlessness. They quite often attack larger dogs. Besides, Pekineses are excellent security guards as they have sensitive hearing.

They beforehand warn loud bark about the approaching strangers. At young age Pekineses are very active and like to run about and jump.

They consider toys and the place inviolable therefore even the owner can deserve spiteful roar in attempt to move away them. The animal loves when play with it or just iron a back. With age Pekineses become quieter, but at the same time in respect of attention they remain same exacting. Pekineses seldom run away far from the owners during walks. This small doggie feels uncertainly in unfamiliar places and tries to go closer to the owner. If the animal is lost, it looks very confused.

Characteristic Features of a Dog Pekinese

Possibility of training

Considering character and mental capacities of these room doggies, it is extremely heavy to accustom them to rules of conduct. They are quite capricious therefore from the first days of appearance of the pet in the house it is necessary to begin to accustom it to proper responses. First of all it is necessary to accustom an animal to a berth and to show arrangement of a feeding trough and a bowl with water. during the game with a puppy should not allow it to bite the owner's hands. Any aggressive attacks concerning other family members needs to be stopped right there.

Pekineses differ in rancor therefore it is impossible to use physical punishments at all. To show to the pet the discontent, it is necessary to deprive of it for the period of the attention. For a Pekinese it will be a good lesson. At due patience it is possible to accustom an animal to execute simple commands, but you should not rely on their implicit execution.

Keeping of the representative of breed Pekinese

These doggies demand special leaving. From the first day of a puppy it is necessary to accustom to celebrate need on the street. For this purpose the dog should be walked not less than 5-7 times a day. At this time the bladder at the kid is still underdeveloped therefore to a doggie to suffer difficult long time. Further it is necessary to reduce the number of walks gradually. Regardless of that, a black Pekinese or red, it is necessary to comb out his dense woolen cover periodically. It is desirable to carry out the similar procedure daily.

If there is hot weather to facilitate life to an animal, it can be cut. It is desirable to truncate wool and in areas between fingers. It is necessary to wash a Pekinese not more often than once a month. These animals have a tendency to irritation of skin therefore frequent contacts with shampoo are undesirable. For care of a dense hair of a Pekinese it is necessary to get a set of special brushes. As skin at them quite thin, it is very important to carry out procedures of combing very accurately not to injure it.

Characteristic Features of a Dog Pekinese

It is necessary to pay special attention and a fold on a nose bridge of an animal. It should be examined daily and to wipe with pure soft fabric or a wadded tampon. Especially often this procedure should be carried out in hot season as this area begins to be humidified excessively that creates conditions for pathogenic microflora and development of dermatological diseases.

The special attention is required also by eyes of animals. Pekineses are predisposed to loss of an eyeball. Besides, they quite often observe inflammatory diseases of eyes and a cataract. At emergence of the slightest deviations from the visual device it is necessary to see a doctor at once. Many manufacturers as prevention of diseases recommend to wipe areas of eyes with the wadded tampons moistened in tea tea leaves or the special solution intended for washing of eyes of puppies.

Ears require a certain attention. It is periodically necessary to clean them with wadded tampons. At emergence of an unpleasant smell or signs of inflammatory process it is necessary to address the veterinarian. In addition, it is necessary to watch the general condition of the pet. Representatives of this breed are inclined to the following pathologies:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • defeat of valves of heart;
  • urolithic disease;
  • cataract;
  • cornea ulcer;
  • эктропион;
  • cataract;
  • adenoma of perianalny gland.

At emergence of signs of development of similar pathologies it is necessary to see a doctor. Besides, because of the modest size doggies are inclined to catarrhal diseases. That the Pekinese remained healthy, in winter time for it it is necessary to put on special clothes before walks.

How to look after a Pekinese (video)

Selection of a diet

It is not too difficult to provide an animal with qualitative food. It is possible to use special dry feeds or natural products. However it is necessary to consider that you should not mix them at all as it can become the reason of development of diseases of bodies of a GIT and also damage of kidneys and hearts. If owners cannot find enough time for preparation of fresh food for a dog, it is the best of all to begin at once with puppyish age to feed a dog with dry mixes of a premium class. If owners of an animal prefer to give it natural products, it is necessary to remember that the diet of the pet has to be various. can be entered Into food:

  • crude or boiled meat;
  • offal;
  • herbs;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • rice;
  • buckwheat;
  • chicken meat;
  • eggs;
  • fermented milk products.

The correct diet – pledge of long life of a Pekinese. At these doggies problems with a gastrointestinal tract are quite often observed. You should not overfeed an animal as it can negatively affect his health extremely. You should not give food from a table as the surplus of seasonings and salt can lead to extremely sad consequences.

At competent leaving the canine friend will live long and joyful life, giving to owners the love.

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