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Sometimes owners face with problem behavior of dogs which needs to be adjusted. Whether correction of behavior of dogs in house conditions is possible and that for this purpose it is necessary?

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Correction of behavior of dogs in house conditions: ways

There are several ways of correction of behavior of dogs in house conditions. Let's understand what opportunities they give and that it is necessary that to adjust behavior of a dog .

the Most widespread way of correction of behavior of dogs in house conditions

This way consists of 3 elements:

1. To make problem behavior impossible. It is important as the problem behavior can самоподкрепляться. For example, if the dog steals food from a table, she receives a reinforcement every time when its attempt works well. And it is fair for any "bad" behavior: if the dog does something, so it brings her certain bonuses.
  • to Use control devices if necessary (a lead, a muzzle, a distance or a cage). Be ready that the dog will make all new and new attempts to achieve the desirable, and it is extremely important that she never received a reinforcement. And only after the dog will finally be convinced that the model explored by her does not work, she will begin to look for other options.
  • If it is necessary, to use vetpreparata (for example, soothing). It is better to give medicine before manifestation of problem behavior. For example, at fear of a thunderstorm study a weather forecast and give medicine in advance. But before giving to a dog of a vetpreparata, surely consult with the veterinarian.
  • It is necessary to reduce as much as possible the probability of manifestation of problem behavior (to enter rituals, to adjust a day regimen, to equip the habitat of a dog). For example, if the dog steals food from a table, watch that nothing edible remained within reach of the pet who was left without supervision.

2. To create conditions for manifestation of desirable behavior.

  • the Most difficult, but necessary – to wait! If the dog is afraid, wait until the fear a little subsides, and encourage at this moment. The necessary moment surely will come, the main thing to stock up with patience.
  • at the beginning of training to choose conditions where the trigger (what can cause "bad" behavior of a dog) is minimum. For example, if the dog is aggressive to relatives, choose a distance when she already sees other dog, but does not show aggression yet.
  • to Form "good" behavior as skill. In this case the chance "to close" a chain a key incentive -&gt is high; reaction (key incentive) -> reaction …

3. To support desirable behavior. It is important to remember that it is necessary to support "good" behavior until it does not become a habit. And it demands time.

  • Choose a suitable reinforcement which is pleasant to your dog.
  • Increase the trigger gradually (you do not hurry, but also do not tighten).
  • do not save on encouragement! Perhaps, it is necessary to encourage a dog for desirable behavior all life.

Problem behavior of a puppy simpler and quicker to correct
, than behavior of an adult dog. And if your dog is stubborn (for example, a terrier), it is required to time more.

However there are cases when this way of correction of problem behavior of a dog in house conditions does not work:

  1. Problem behavior of a dog coherently with the state of health (for example, the dog does houses of a pool because of cystitis).
  2. the Desirable behavior is unreal. The dog will not mew even if you very much want to make of her a cat, or to fly, kind of you wanted to turn it into a parrot. Also you should not demand from a dog of work for whom it is not suitable. For example, if you want that the golden retriever became a bodyguard, then you will hardly achieve great success.
  3. If conditions of a dog are not normal and you did not provide a necessary minimum of comfort.
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Creation of normal living conditions as a way of correction of behavior of a dog in house conditions

As it was already mentioned above, the normal behavior of a dog can be shown only in normal conditions. Means, it is necessary to provide to a dog at least of necessary minimum comfort .

Analyse living conditions of a dog and honestly answer yourself the following questions:

  • Enough food the dog receives? How many once a day are eaten by your pet? Whether the animal has a continuous access to water?
  • the dog is injured? Whether you provide to a dog necessary treatment? Whether preventive events are held (inoculations, glistogonny, processing from fleas and ticks, etc.)?
  • the dog Has own place? Whether it is comfortable her on the place?
  • As well as how many your dog walks? Whether your pet communicates with relatives? Whether the dog has an opportunity to behave as a dog?
Bad living conditions of a dog often are the reason of problem behavior. And the only way of correction in this case – to adjust living conditions of the pet.

Enrichment of the environment as a way of correction of behavior of a dog in house conditions

Enrichment of the environment is a way which began to be applied for the first time in zoos. It is an opportunity to settle control (predictability) and a variety of the environment in life of a dog and thus to affect her behavior.

If the dog cannot control the life and does not know what will occur at the next moment, it develops a distress ("a harmful stress"). However if the dog knows what in her life will occur at the next moment, it has a day regimen, reasonable rules and clear rituals, it creates illusion of control and she does not suffer. The predictability and control can reduce the level of excitement of a dog.

However exists optimum level of excitement of a dog, and it is necessary to find, first, it, and secondly, to support as the second extreme – the boredom pushing on "feats".

If with a dog nobody is engaged and she seldom receives new impressions, with boredom she can begin to look for unusual incentives. Including to bring a variety your interior or to chew inedible objects. Various games will help to bring a variety life of such dog .

Sports dogs often face an opposite problem: a variety reads off scale, and basic schooling which gives to an animal feeling of control is missed. In this case the dog often cannot cope with the high level of excitement. Pets who replaced owners or moved to the new house face the same problem. In this case, on the contrary, rituals – things predictable, clear to a dog will help.

Correction of behavior of an adult dog

We will sort several examples of correction of behavior of an adult dog by means of the first of the offered ways.

zooaggression Correction (aggressions to other animals)

  • to Make problem behavior impossible (to use a lead, if necessary – a muzzle). It is better to use a breast-band, but not a collar as the collar can injure a neck of a dog, and in this case even the aggression reason is unclear: intolerance to society of other dog or pain. To a muzzle the dog is accustomed in advance that it did not become the additional irritating factor.
  • to Create conditions for "good" behavior (the correct distance, orientation to own state, the choice of an environment and time of occupations). Define at what distance the dog sees relatives, but did not begin to growl, bark or rush. Be not engaged if are angry or were tired.
  • to Support desirable behavior (for example, signals of reconciliation or views of you) until it does not become a habit. It is better to make the list of what behavior in advance you want to receive as a result. It is important to praise a dog in time and for specific action and also it is correct to choose encouragement (for example, in a condition of excitement the dog can not take delicacy).

Correction of untidiness at dogs

  • to Make problem behavior of a dog impossible. In this case it is necessary to set the correct mode of feeding and walking. It is also necessary to consult with the veterinarian to exclude diseases (for example, cystitis or colitis).
  • to Create conditions for desirable behavior. The mode of feeding and walking will help and here. Sometimes it is necessary to attach to itself a dog and all the time to keep around to do not pass the moment when she tries to descend in a house toilet.
  • to Support each circulation in a toilet on the street.

Correction of fear of the street at dogs

  • to Make problem behavior impossible: not to follow the tastes of a dog. Surely walk her, however be convinced that the breast-band and a lead are rather reliable, and the dog will not be able to escape and escape.
  • to Create conditions for "good" behavior: to wait until the fear slightly subsides and to encourage the pet to go to this moment about one route and only then gradually to develop new territories.
  • Reinforcement of "good" behavior. Choose a reinforcement which is pleasant to a dog (hardly she will take delicacy), encourage research behavior of a dog. Do not forget to take nevertheless with yourself delicacy – it will be a test whether successfully there is a correction. If the dog takes delicacy, so she not so is afraid.

Happen cases when it is necessary to ask for the help the specialist in correction of behavior. Choose experts who use humane methods of correction and are capable to see a root of a problem of a dog, and not just symptoms.
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