• Mar 31, 2019

Many owners consider that ware from which the domestic doggie eats and drinks is not of particular importance. But it turns out that there are models which it is more or are suitable for a certain breed less. Incorrectly picked up products can become the reason of deterioration in a bearing and cause serious problems with digestion. Cynologists give advice at the choice of a bowl for dogs.

Councils for the Choice of a Bowl for Dogs

Material, size and form

When choosing ware it is necessary to pay attention to material of which it is made. Not only service life of a product, but also safety of the favourite depends on it. Merits and demerits of different materials:

Plastic Bowls for Dogs

  • Plastic bowls are inexpensive and convenient, but they are easily scratched. Bacteria which can do harm to health of an animal get to damages. Therefore it is necessary to change such ware at least, than once a year.
  • Pottery is beautiful, but they easily fight.
  • Good option — bowls from stainless steel. They are strong and durable, but easily slide on a floor. Therefore it is better to select products with a support from nonskid material, for example, from melamine.

The form and the size of ware from which she eats and drinks are also important for a dog. When choosing needs to consider the following features:

How to Choose the Best Bowl for a Dog

  • The bowl has to correspond to animal parameters. It is inconvenient to puppies to eat also too big ware, and the large dog will not gorge on from the saucer intended for a toy terrier.
  • Long-eared breeds will suit the products which are slightly made narrower from above. Ears will not get to meal time in such feeding trough.
  • Ware with a pallet which prevents spraying of drink and scattering of a forage will be suitable for nice bearded men and not too accurate dogs. Thanks to such bowl the place of feeding will always remain clean.

Regulation of height

For large and average breeds at what height there is their ware with food and drink matters. It has to be up is located approximately to standard breasts of an animal . Experts explain why it is important:

Adjustment of Height of a Bowl

  • Gas generation . When the dog drinks or eats from the bowl which is on a floor, she swallows a lot of air. It leads to the increased gas generation and even to expansion of a stomach that it becomes frequent a cause of death of an animal. Therefore the feeding trough has to be located so that the dog had not to bend strongly.
  • Vomiting . If the animal has to swallow of food, having low inclined the head, then pieces of a forage can get stuck in a gullet. It will provoke vomiting.
  • of the Problem with a backbone and joints . The pet who should bend regularly behind food and drink experiences strain on a backbone and joints. It leads to diseases.

the Good decision will be use of a feeding trough on a support. Such device will help to achieve ideal height for a dog.

In shops for animals is offered a large number of ware of various models. Always it is possible to pick up the product suitable for the specific pet.

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