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the Special machine for a hairstyle of dogs gives tidy appearance to an animal and is an indicator of the attentive attitude of the owner towards the pet. Most of owners notice huge advantages of special machines in comparison with other tool for a hairstyle.

Councils for the Choice of Machines for a Hairstyle of Dogs
the Special machine for a hairstyle of dogs gives tidy appearance to an animal and is an indicator of the attentive relation of the owner to the питомцу

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Before choosing the machine for a hairstyle of dogs, it is necessary to have some idea of subtleties of its use depending on breed of the pet, features of indumentum and the purpose of a hairstyle. Such devices are divided into several categories.

One of them are most economic and simple manual mechanical machines for a hairstyle of dogs. These simple devices are similar to nippers. They are equipped with the screw and the ground cutting teeth on the end. Are brought to the working condition by a manual method. Machines for a hairstyle do not need a source of electric food. Positive sides of this device are silent work, a possibility of use for dogs, timid on character, and a subhairstyle in sensitive places and on small squares. However, when choose such devices, it must be kept in mind that them it is impossible to process the big areas of a body.

there Are electric machines for a hairstyle of dogs ; them there are several versions. Everything unites 1 general property: need of power supply from accumulator batteries or source of electric energy.

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Electric types

The most low-power machine is vibration. It differs in noisy work and vibration. It recommends to cut the pets having gentle thin wool.

The professional tool for a hairstyle of dogs is rotor. To them cut in a grooming salons. Positive properties – the maximum degree of power and existence of the modern cooling system. Thanks to this system the animal can be cut long, without being distracted by a break. The dog will feel at the same time perfectly. Knives during such long work do not heat up. They are advised to use for a hairstyle of long hair of dogs and elimination of koltun. To clean the machine from wool, it is not required to disconnect it as for this purpose there is a special clip.

At exhibitions and on the way the accumulator machine having high power will come to the rescue. It is equipped with removable knives, and at need it is easy to change them.

frequent charging is necessary for the Machine for a hairstyle of this kind, of the spare accumulator will be strong> therefore the best exit. There are devices which can work from 2 types of charging: power supply and accumulator. Such machines are released by the American company "Oster". These devices cost much. Though in the Russian market they appeared not so long ago, but as responses testify, proved only from the best side.

Councils for the Choice of Machines for a Hairstyle of Dogs

treat advantages of the Oster device:

  • high quality;
  • very sharp knives as which it is possible to work long time without sharpening;
  • silent work.

Edges of machines for a hairstyle of animals differ from intended for the person:

  • structure of edging elements;
  • the increased power of the built-in motor;
  • very high level of sharpening.

All this is calculated on higher density of hair.

Councils for the Choice of Machines for a Hairstyle of Dogs

Still recommendations about the choice

Choosing the machine for a wool hairstyle in house conditions, it is necessary to look at its power. For pets with different types of wool there is the optimal variant.

Professionals advise devices with power from 30 W to cut the large-size dogs possessing long wool, curly dogs and pets with a hard hair; belong to them:

  • schnauzers;
  • poodles;
  • fox terriers.

Devices which power fluctuates from 20 to 30 W cannot bad cut representatives of the following breeds:

  • Pekineses;
  • spaniels;
  • shih-tzu.

Councils for the Choice of Machines for a Hairstyle of Dogs

Devices with power from 15 to 20 W are suitable for pets with soft and silky wool. Them most often cut:

  • Yorkshire terriers;
  • long-haired toy terriers ;
  • naked crested Chinese dogs;
  • chihuahua.

It is desirable for dogs with dense wool to buy machines which are allocated a big range of opportunities. There are pets who are easily frightened. Such dogs cannot be cut the machines having high noise level. Before cutting an animal, it is necessary to study the instruction attached to the device.

Councils for the Choice of Machines for a Hairstyle of Dogs

Knives for machines

Knives for machines is very important detail . Their state influences how work will be done: qualitatively or not. And also depends on their sharpening as the dog will feel during the procedure. In order that to an animal it was comfortable, sharpening of knives has to be carried out in time. At a hairstyle wool will be pulled out by blunt knives, hurting a dog. As houses sharpening is impossible, it is necessary to ask such question the expert. Only professionals sharpen knives in due form and also establish whether it is necessary to change them. Still they will in addition process knives and all details special lubricant thanks to which the device will be able to work better and longer.

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Safety measures at implementation of the procedure

Before cutting a dog, it should be washed up carefully. Otherwise particles of dirt can get to the device and it will deteriorate. Experts advise well to comb an animal. If the pet is an owner of dense and dense wool, then it is necessary to use the oil which is specially intended for such hair.

It has light structure, and hair after it do not become heavy, on the contrary, thanks to oil even tangled places easily give in to division.

Observance of safety measures will help to avoid injuries. You should not cut wool very shortly, otherwise it is possible to put injuries to skin, and the dog will feel unpleasant feelings. During the procedure the animal has to sit not movably. It is necessary to move the machine smoothly, without pressing into skin, messages parallel to the direction of growth of hair. The hairstyle of a muzzle of a dog has to be executed especially accurately. For this purpose the mouth is reliably fixed. Thanks to a qualitative hairstyle the pet will take a well-groomed and nice form.

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