• May 27, 2019

In winter time of dogs which live in the yard trap frosts and ice. In such conditions animals can have various problems, for example, the frostbite of paws, catarrhal diseases and other problems with health connected with overcooling. To avoid troubles, it is necessary to get acquainted with how to save a watchdog from strong cold.

How to save a watchdog from strong cold: recommendations of cynologists

Not all dog breeds can adapt to a hard frost. Short-haired doggies and also old, the weakened and sick pets, having come to the cold street, begin to shiver at once .

Besides, at some owners of a dog huddle in boxes. In that case in the dog dwelling it is necessary to create conditions under which in it frost will not be formed. If not to make it, then from a frost the dog can lose sense of smell. Having left from the yard, she will not be able then to find the road back. To avoid loss of a domestic dog, he needs to put on beforehand a collar on which a contact information (phone, the address) the owner will be specified.

How to Protect a Dog from Strong Cold

If the pet often comes into the house, then after walk on ice and snow it needs to wipe a stomach and paws carefully. Then they need to be dried up carefully dry fabric. Need for it is explained by several reasons:

  • on paws of the pet there can be reagents with which strew iced over sidewalks and roads;
  • the wet animal will leave dirty marks on a floor and furniture.

How to Save a Dog from Cold

Winter of animals it is forbidden to cut too shortly , especially in a stomach as the underfur helps them to keep heat. Puppies much worse than adult dogs transfer a frost therefore you should not leave them on cold at all.

In winter time needs to provide to a domestic dog the strengthened food. This results from the fact that its organism burns much more calories on cold, than in heat .

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