• Jan 15, 2020

For breeding work select dogs with certain signs which need to be transferred to posterity. Future parents are selected both taking into account an exterior, and taking into account behavioural features.
 the French bulldogs
On a photo: French bulldog, owner Elena Silich
the Official standard of breed consists of a set of parameters: appearance, constitution, features of behavior and movement. Insignificant deviations are shortcomings, and more expressed – defects.

For cultivation are selected only the best individuals, both advantages, and shortcomings are descended.

Breeding work with the French bulldogs is carried out in specialized nurseries and sobakovodchesky clubs. Its purpose is receiving posterity with high pedigree qualities.

to achieve success, manufacturers need to consider laws of genetics, the general for all animals.

Selecting couples for knitting, the manufacturer should be guided by the following rules:
  1. the Age of dogs has to be, at least, 1.5 years for dogs and 1 year 8 months for a bough.
  2. the Dog and a bough have to correspond each other on age, not have shortcomings of an exterior, diseases, obesity and other deviations.
  3. during one techka of a bough it can be allowed to knitting only with one dog.
  4. the manufacturing Dog has to have the qualities capable to improve breed.
Despite all benefits of selection, experts recognize that it has a number of shortcomings, basic of which – improvement of only several certain signs. Trying to keep a color, color of eyes or features of an exterior, some manufacturers ignore the state of health of dogs which has to be on the first place. The French bulldogs often long for this reason serious diseases.

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