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the Czechoslovak wolf dog – result of the unique experiment made by selectors in the XX century. The unusual dog was received when crossing a wolf and German shepherd. The film logical organizations condemn removal of this breed, nevertheless the Czech top is recognized by the International film logical federation, and on the historical homeland these dogs are national pride. In the USSR the similar hybrid of a wolf and thoroughbred dog – волкособ was also removed.

Czechoslovak wolf dog: origin, the description, contents the Czechoslovak wolf dog was received by
when crossing a wolf and German shepherd

the History of origin

The breed of dog, similar to a wolf, appeared rather recently. Czechoslovak experts made a biological experiment, having crossed group of German shepherds and Carpathian wolves. As a result they wanted to receive the hardy and powerful hybrids having balanced character. The new breed of dog had to be same strong as a wolf, true and trained as a sheep-dog.

For many years the cynologists dreaming to remove volkoobrazny breed of dog studied numerous pedigree dogs, wolves and their hybrid. By comparison of the main characteristics, mentality, characters and physical data the decision to cross sheep-dogs to wolves was made. Newborn puppies resembled very much sheep-dogs, but had stronger immunity. Having made some more similar experiments, cynologists achieved external similarity of puppies with wolves.

Initially new breed of dog was removed for the purpose of use of dogs for work in army. Soon military ceased to suffer an acute shortage of office dogs. The Czechoslovak wolf dog was tested in other spheres. To surprise of experts, metises perfectly coped with a role of security guards, defenders, rescuers. From them excellent hunting and shepherd's dogs turned out. After the interest of military in this breed declined, the Czech wolf became available to ordinary manufacturers.

Czechoslovak wolf dog: origin, the description, contents Initially Czechoslovak wolf breed was removed by
for the purpose of use of dogs for work in army

Now nonprofessional cynologists were engaged in cultivation of this unusual breed of dog. As a result the Czechoslovak wolf dog appeared in private nurseries and cultivation of dogs got out of hand. It was necessary to save urgently situation to keep this unusual breed. This mission was undertaken by the founder of pedigree club.

In the sixties manufacturers decided to register officially breed of dog and submitted the application to national club. All 3 attempts with a crash were failed, and the top was not registered. Numerous experts extremely were negative to volkoobrazny dogs. Only 20 years later the top was recognized by a new pedigree dog in Czechoslovakia.

3 names were assigned To breed of dog at once. the Volkoobrazny dog was called by Czech volfkhundy, a Czechoslovak wolf dog and Czech volchaky.

In the nineties there was a disintegration of Czechoslovakia, the pedigree club because of discrepancy to new laws was divided into 2 independent clubs.

How to grow up a Czechoslovak wolf dog (video)


Between females and males of a Czechoslovak wolf dog there are obvious distinctions. First of all, dogs differ in the sizes of the head and character. Some manufacturers claim that female individuals protect the territory entrusted to them better and much easier study.

Growth of dogs, as a rule, happens from 65 cm, and a bough – from 60 cm. The weight of representatives of this breed of dog happens from 20 kg. Criteria of growth play very important role because if the dog is lower than standard growth even on 1 cm, she is not recognized as pedigree.

As for a color of a dog, the gray shade and color of wet asphalt are admissible. The thoroughbred dog also has to have obligatory marks in the form of a light mask at a muzzle, strips on a neck and at the lower area of a thorax.

Czechoslovak wolf dog: origin, description, contents

Character and training

As this breed "is rather young", about it a little reliable information. Mix of a wolf and dog frightens most of manufacturers, and they are afraid to get this hybrid. But, in spite of the fact that at the Czech volchak there are wolf genes, in character they are more similar to ordinary pedigree dogs. the Czechoslovak wolf dog quickly becomes attached to the owner , friendly concerns other members of household and loves small children. The top also concerns other pets very loyally, quickly enough improves the relation with cats, and at all allows children any pranks. Owners can not be afraid of the fact that the Czech dog will grin or will bite the child.

It is the best of all to stop the hunting instincts put in character of the little representative of this breed at early age. Early socialization which contributes to the correct development of mentality of the pet is necessary for a puppy of a volchak. If to lock a puppy within four walls and to protect him from communication with other animals and strangers, then with age he will become aggressive and uncontrollable.

Czechoslovak wolf dog: origin, description, contents

The top has one important feature of which the experienced manufacturer will not manage to get rid even. Dogs extremely mistrustfully and watchfully concern strangers and therefore to change such attitude it will not turn out, the owner has to accustom a dog that in his house strangers will periodically appear.

Training of a Czechoslovak wolf dog is similar to training of office dogs. Monotonous trainings without due encouragement quickly enough tire a dog. For a start it is necessary to train a dog in a basic course, and after to start studying of more complex teams. That the dog was not tired, and process of training brought her pleasure, studying of teams needs to be interrupted with training in various tricks. At the correct approach easily trained Czech top with ease will master even dog agility.

Dogs of this breed differ in independence and self-confidence. The owner surely has to provide to a dog some freedom of action, but not openly dominate over it. As a rule, volchak show willfulness only at "teenage" age.

Czechoslovak wolf dog: origin, description, contents

Leaving and maintenance

Representatives of breed categorically are not suitable for contents in the small-sized city apartment. Within four walls to an active dog it will be close, he can become embittered. If the owner resolved to lodge a volchak in an apartment house, then it has to provide it long active walks on open space. Morning and evening 20-minute walking will be to a dog insufficiently as daily physical activities are necessary for her.

The country house will be suitable for keeping of a Czechoslovak wolf dog in the best way. She can live in the open-air cage all the year round, with success carrying out a role of the security guard of the house.

Dogs of this breed need to provide due care . Twice a year the Czech volchak fade, during their this period it is necessary to comb out carefully every day. If not to provide to a dog daily comb-outs, then he will have skin diseases, such as eczema and fungal dermatitis.

Water procedures can be carried out only at strong pollution. Volchakov, living in open-air cages, it is necessary to bathe no more than 2 times in a year. If the representative of this breed lives in the apartment, then in rainy weather he needs to put on a raincoat walk.

Czechoslovak wolf dog: origin, description, contents

As a rule, young and adult volchak have no problems with sight, but over the years the condition of eyes considerably worsens. At elderly representatives of breed the retina degeneration is most often observed. Such process is natural and is connected with inevitable aging of an organism of a dog. One of the first symptoms of this disease is deterioration in visual acuity day at night. At detection of uncharacteristic allocations it is necessary to show a dog to the veterinarian.

The volchak needs to clean ears only in the presence of a pronounced raid. They need to be processed from pincers. Claws of the pet are, as a rule, erased during walks without foreign intervention. If claws nevertheless are considerably scratched about a floor, then they need to be cut.

Teeth and the pet's diet need strict and special control. As soon as at a volchak change of milk teeth begins, games with pullings need to be excluded completely, they are replaced with the special toys which are on sale in pet-shops. The adult representative of this breed of dog needs toothbrushing in order to avoid appearance of caries or periodontosis which are shown regardless of age of a dog. Elderly volchak at the wrong leaving can suffer from a scale.

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Food of a Czechoslovak wolf dog has to be balanced and very nutritious. At the same time portions should not be too big. Puppies of a volchak have to eat generally low-fat meat (not an offal). The diet of an adult individual can consist of production forages of a premium class or natural food.

The owner has to watch the pet's weight constantly. Excess weight or its shortcoming can lead to developing of cardiac illnesses. In order to avoid problems with health the diet of a dog needs to be adjusted proceeding from age, loadings and the general condition of a dog.

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