• Dec 18, 2019

Features of character of a dalmatian

The character of a dalmatian is distinguished by the following lines: ingenuity, friendliness, complaisance. This cheerful dog willingly will join in an active game, easily studies and will not bark in vain. The dalmatian is vigorous and emotional.

The Dog of Breed a Dalmatian Goes a Photo

On a photo: dalmatian. Photo:

To strangers the dalmatian is friendly, however shows restraint. And here dalmatians sometimes clash with other dogs of the floor.

Dalmatians well proved as watchmen.

Owners often say that the character of a dalmatian happily combines, on the one hand, aristocratism and restraint, and with another – naivety and playfulness. These dogs are many-sided.

However, you should not count that in character of a dalmatian some pluses. There are also minuses: these dogs are quite sensitive and vindictive.

will suit Dalmatin more the skilled owner who is capable to combine reasonable hardness (without violence) with caress. The roughness in relation to a dalmatian is unacceptable – it will only make the pet irritable, diffident and nervous.

The dalmatian is active and vigorous so he needs intensive physical activities. Walks have to be long and not dull. If you want to play film logical sports (for example, freestyle or dog agility), the dalmatian can be the quite good choice.

Character of a dalmatian in relation to children

On character the dalmatian is friendly, sociable and cheerful. It would seem – an ideal dog for family with children. However not everything is so simple.

Dalmatians are quite sensitive and vindictive. And in spite of the fact that they will easily find a common language with any family member and will play willingly with children, these dogs will not suffer familiarity. So tolerantly the dalmatian who only kindly is brought up, socialized and that will treat the child in case your child does not afford superfluous. Therefore it is not recommended to bring a dalmatian to family with children of preschool age.

Anyway, teach the child to treat a dog correctly. Forbid to offend the pet, to disturb during sleep and food. If the dalmatian was tired of communication and wants to retire, it has to have such opportunity.

do not leave to
a dalmatian alone with the small child At all!

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