• Dec 19, 2019

Maintenance and care of a dalmatian are, as a rule, not too burdensome, however there are features which need to be considered.

Dalmatian on a Lead with the Owner of a Photo

On a photo: dalmatian. Photo:

Care of hair of a dalmatian includes regular combing, especially during a molt. Consider that short, but at the same time hair of a dalmatian, similar to needles, is very badly cleaned from upholstered furniture, clothes or carpets.

Wash a dalmatian several times a year or in case of pollution.

Before getting a dalmatian, estimate the living conditions. These dogs need very many place, and in the small apartment they will suffer.

An important part of maintenance and care of a dalmatian – full high-quality walks. The minimum duration of walks with a dalmatian – 2 hours a day, however the more the better. And walks have to be active, include games and occupations.

The dalmatian anyway will find a way out of the energy, but hardly you will like result of its initiative. So it is better to undertake the organization of leisure of the pet.

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