• Aug 16, 2019

of the Dog like to select the broken branches during walk. It gives pleasure to animal them to gnaw, to peel bark, to carry in a mouth. Owners often allow favourites this innocent entertainment, and in vain. It is necessary to understand why a wooden stick — a dangerous toy for a dog.

Dangerous entertainment: what a game with a stick on the street with

In what is danger

When the favourite dog will suddenly feel badly, the owner on reception at the veterinarian will not even remember that in the morning on walk they cheerfully played in "select a stick".

The most terrible when a park lawn, bushes and branches of trees where fans of animals walk the pets, city public health services processed toxic chemicals from mean insects or rodents. Having swallowed together with saliva even a small amount of rat poison, the favourite of family can die. Painful death comes in few hours. An innocent game with the picked-up wooden stick can turn into tragedy.

The dried branch easily crumbles when the dog snaps at it, begins to gnaw. It seems to the owner that the dog spits out pieces of a tree and bark. However the main part of small particles gets into a stomach and is late in digestive tract. If the animal plays with wooden sticks every day, then after a while there can be even an intestinal impassability. It is necessary to do operation. Besides wooden sawdust will wound walls of a stomach and intestines, bleeding will begin.

The animal will accidentally damage mucous a mouth, playing with the picked-up piece of wood. Will get a splinter into lips or language therefore there will be abscess. The piece of a tree can get stuck in a throat.

Helminths and infections — are not present a guarantee that this branch was not chosen by any other dog. In city conditions when in one place walk many pets, infections extend very quickly. The site is often infected with helminths which are easily spread by the city birds eating on dumps vagrant animals, proteins.

You should not push luck, subjecting the pet to danger. It is better to leave this entertainment and to switch attention of the pet to other game.

How to avoid a dangerous situation

It is necessary to follow the simple rules on walk which will help to avoid problems with health of the pet:

  1. Not to provoke an animal, lifting sticks, breaking off branches from trees. Never to give them to a dog.
  2. To teach the pet to select nothing from the earth.
  3. To get toys - "pogryzushka", useful delicacies which with success will replace a wooden stick. It is possible even to take them with itself on walk.
  4. In pet-shops also safe wooden sticks are on sale. They are processed so that the dog could not be wounded, отгрызть a tree piece.
  5. Not to forget to wash toys after walk.

Play and communicate with the pet more often. Choose safe toys for walks. Let the favourite family member live long and will be happy.

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