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Deprive signs and ways of infection at dogs - it is an infectious disease of an integument. This pathology is caused by the fungus or a virus equally dangerous both for a dog, and for the person. Deprive it is capable to be transferred very quickly from the pet to the owner and further to other members of household, in this regard he needs to begin to be treated at once after emergence of the first symptoms of pathology.

Deprive of
at dogs - it is an infectious disease skin покрова

Признаки and ways of infection

Before treating deprive at a dog, needs to understand 2 moments:

  1. How exactly the dog caught this disease. It is necessary to protect the pet from a disease source.
  2. It is necessary to define a type of pathology as them a little and treatment for each look is individual.

Walking the dog, it is necessary to understand that this pet and to it it is impossible to contact to vagrant dogs, cutting deprive at a dog can proceed imperceptibly, especially in an initial stage. Her owner if he greeted on the street a cat can become an infection source for an animal, stroked it, and then the same hands touched the dog. The dog can catch it is deprived through others bowl, a laying or a collar, this disease is transmitted at simple contact.

the Dog can catch
it is deprived through others bowl, a laying or ошейник

Deprive at dogs and cats can develop against the background of some factors disposing to it. For example, during pregnancy and bringing up of cubs at an animal the immune system of an organism weakens and it can ache with some look depriving.

Other important factor – improper feeding. The immune system weakens because of shortage in an organism of vitamins and useful minerals. It can be in dejectedness against the background of the postponed disease or old age.

To understand how it is shown deprive at dogs, it is enough to see of it once. The skin on the struck place completely loses indumentum, and it looks as a high temple with very accurate edges. The struck place very much disturbs a dog, scratches and itches. The unfortunate animal quite often till it bleeds combs an affected area of skin. The general condition of a dog worsens, she becomes sluggish and weak, the appetite vanishes, body temperature can increase.

Symptoms depriving (video)

Classification of pathology

Deprive happens different types, at the same time all of them are extremely dangerous and infectious. The correct definition of type of the disease taking place in a specific case allows to choose by the adequate strategy of treatment:

  1. At pink herpes on a skin of a dog appear small pink spots . Pathology begins with one spot, and eventually it promptly extends in the form of a set of similar educations. Spots hurt a dog as they strongly scratch and skin on them bursts and sometimes bleeds.
  2. Cutting deprive of at dogs proceeds it is total , that is affects all body of a dog – from a tail to a muzzle tip. The disease begins with a small spot which promptly extends over time, covering all surface of skin. The look at a dog becomes such as though he is just tonsured. Wool on the affected skin becomes short, hairs are kind of broken off at the basis, from here the disease also received the name – cutting deprive.
  3. At the becoming wet herpes a dog does not become the carrier of a disease , as at other types. The matter is that this type of pathology develops as result of allergic reaction. Proceeds too peculiar, the integument gains puffiness, there is a rash which is followed by a zudeniye and pain. Wool at the same time does not drop out therefore it is difficult to make out all these symptoms under hair. But constant combing of the struck places has to draw attention of the owner and force it to begin treatment.
  4. At otrubevidny herpes the struck place changes the color from normal on yellow or brown. extremities of a dog, a back and a neck are exposed to the Disease. Unlike cutting depriving, at this type of a disease there is no severe itch, the dog does not tear apart claws skin on a sore point.
  5. Shingles is caused by a herpes virus. the disease received the name for characteristic rashes on a stomach and edges of a dog. Gerpesny heat-spots in 2-4 days burst, baring under themselves the exuding sores. During a disease the dog is extremely infectious therefore in parallel with treatment it is necessary to disinfect not only her personal belongings, but also all dwelling.

Scheme of treatment

depriving Treatment at dogs – process complex, including not only therapy by creams and ointments. Skin should be washed out and processed regularly an anti-septic tank that some passing infection did not join. Treatment in house conditions differs in nothing from it in a hospital so it can be applied safely on condition that the veterinarian will regularly visit the patient for correction of process.

In order that the dog or at a puppy had no opportunity to pinch medical ointment from an affected area, on the patient put the special collar representing a big funnel around the head.

For fight against pathogenic fungi to a dog antifungal medicines Yuglon, Dermatol, Ketokonazol, Grizeofulvin or Itrakonazol register. The scheme of application and a dosage is appointed by the doctor taking into account the weight, age and the general condition of a dog. Independent use of medicines is inadmissible. In order that the liver of a dog did not suffer, it appoints a course of gepatoprotektor.

As from depriving wool at dogs in most cases gets out shreds, the animal is recommended to be washed more often, applying at the same time the special Nizoral or Imaverol healing shampoos. In the course of treatment there can come allergic reaction to medicine, in this regard the complex of therapy includes the antihistaminic medicines Dimedrol or Tavegil.

For improvement of work of all organism in general and its separate systems, such as digestive or immune, a probiotics is appointed. In a complex with vitamins these medicines considerably strengthen organism resilience.

In order that from depriving ointment brought the greatest effect, wool around the struck place medicine is sheared, thus, smear on the big square, than defeat. It does not allow a disease to extend further.

It is impossible to be fond of use of iodine and a klotrimazol (the anti-septic tanks designed to disinfect the struck surface of skin). These substances at overdose can cause dying off of cells of the upper layer of the skin, and it is very dangerous.

Use of folk remedies

Deprive it is necessary to treat in veterinary clinic under control of the doctor. However there are such forms of a disease which give in to methods of traditional medicine. For example, an easy form pink depriving. the Main symptom of this disease – naggers. the Dog, struggling with this feeling, tears apart to itself skin teeth and claws that leads to formation of dangerous sores. To remove the naggers, it is possible to process affected areas of skin weak solution of apple cider vinegar at least 6-8 times a day. If vinegar its concentration is not present or raises doubts, it is possible to wipe skin with fresh cranberry juice.

Prevention of a disease and care of a sick animal

How to cure deprive at a dog, now it is clear. But there is an opinion that it is much simpler to prevent a disease, than to fight against it. In the course of treatment it is possible also most to catch, having put at risk of members of the family. in order to avoid it should follow some rules of prevention:

  1. It is impossible to allow the pet to communicate with vagrant dogs.
  2. It is necessary to examine an integument of the dog regularly. It cannot tell where it hurts it and scratches therefore it is necessary to perform visual inspection of the pet at least every other day. It will help to find a disease right at the beginning when only 2-3 times that from it there is no trace left are to smear a wound enough.
  3. At least 2 times a year it is necessary to carry out processing of wool from parasites. The special drops or collars impregnated with medicine from fleas and ticks are for this purpose applied. Often it is impossible to bathe a dog therefore the attentive relation to wool consists in application of these means.
  4. Timely vaccination against a trichophytia will protect the pet from a disease.
  5. To the veterinarian it is necessary to go not only when something ached. It is necessary to take for the rule to have regular examination at the doctor in the preventive purposes.

How to cure deprive (video)

If the dog nevertheless got sick, to treat cutting deprive or any other only the doctor has to. For the period of therapy it is the best of all to refuse walks down the street or to limit them on time. The dwelling of the patient of a dog should be processed carefully chloric solution, and her laying, a collar and favourite toys it is necessary to disinfect in hot water. It will not allow a disease to arise repeatedly.

It is necessary to understand that every year a fungus, defiant deprive, is exposed to a mutation or adapts under that means which he was treated recently therefore a recurrence takes place longer and heavier. However even at the same time it is impossible to lower hands. Then the dog will live long and happy life.

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