• Dec 16, 2019
the Bull terrier — a dog of the average sizes, but at the same time extraordinary strong and brawny. This is the gladiator of the dog world, the born athlete.

Growth and weight of a bull terrier are not regulated by the standard. The only condition — an impression of the maximum massiveness for this size. Average growth of bull terriers fluctuates from 35 to 50 cm. Average weight — from 20 to 30 kg. Dogs are larger a bough.
White Bull Terrier
Feature of a bull terrier — the ovoid head with the lowered muzzle. Ears are small, thin, standing, are directed directly up.

the Section of eyes slanting, they seem narrow. Therefore bull terriers are mistakenly taken sometimes for natives of Asia. The color of eyes, the better is more dark. Ideally, they have to be black or dark brown.
the Neck long, and at the same time very brawny, extends from the head to shoulders. The breast is wide, brawny. The back is short, strong.
the Tail short, is put low, in the basis thick, by the end is narrowed. The bull terrier holds a tail horizontally.
Wool short, smooth, brilliant, rigid to the touch.
the Colour of a bull terrier can be white or color. At white dogs skin can be pigmented — it is allowed by the standard. Also there can be spots at the head. At color dogs the painted part prevails. The color bull terrier can be black, tiger, red, red, a deer - brown or three-colored.
Should noting that though Belarus adheres to the FCI standards, on monopedigree an exhibition dogs whose exterior is closer to the standard of the English club of dog breeding sometimes win.

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