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of Description of breed Austrian pinscher. OT FCI No. 64 standard 06.03.2007 (Austrian short-haired pinscher)




Sentry, partner


Group 2. Pinschers and schnauzers, molossa, Swiss shepherd's dogs and other breeds. Section 1. Pinschers.


Without tests of working qualities.

General view of the Austrian pinscher

The Austrian pinscher — a thickset, stocky dog of the average sizes, with live and deep expression of eyes.

Main proportions of the Austrian pinscher

The ratio between height in withers and case length at the Austrian pinscher makes 9 to 10.

The ratio between length of a muzzle and length of a skull makes 4 to 6.

Behavior / temperament of the Austrian pinscher

The Austrian pinscher is characterized by goodwill, vivacity, playfulness, special devotion and friendliness in relation to familiar people he — the faithful and incorruptible guard. Is suspicious of strangers. The hunting instinct at the Austrian pinscher is slightly designated.

Head of the Austrian pinscher

A pear-shaped form, the head of the Austrian pinscher is proportional to the case size.

Cranial part

At the Austrian pinscher a wide, roundish cranial part with the expressed frontal furrow and deepening.


A skull at the Austrian pinscher with considerably the developed malar arches and strong chewing muscles.

Transition from a forehead to a muzzle

It is considerably expressed.

Front part

Nose lobe

The black lobe of a nose is characteristic of the Austrian pinscher.


A muzzle at the Austrian pinscher strong, with a direct nose bridge.


Lips at the Austrian pinscher dense, smooth, strongly put, with dark pigmentation.

Jaws / teeth

The Austrian pinscher possesses strong, strong jaws with a full nozhnitseobrazny bite.


With big eyeballs in roundish centuries an inking of eyes of the Austrian pinscher — skintight, with dark pigmentation.


Ears "buttons" (with an excess, hanging down), the small size, highly put are characteristic of the Austrian pinscher.

Neck of the Austrian pinscher

Case of the Austrian pinscher

Withers at the Austrian pinscher considerably expressed.


the Belt of the Austrian pinscher is slightly tightened.

Tail of the Austrian pinscher

At the Austrian pinscher the strong, highly put tail of average length densely covered with wool.

Extremities of the Austrian pinscher

With strong frame.

Front extremities

Straight lines, in front wide, front extremities of the Austrian pinscher well obmuskulena.

Shoulder joints

With the long, cast-away back shovels.


Shoulders at the Austrian pinscher slantwise put.


At the Austrian pinscher direct forearms of average length.

Hand joints



Pyasti at the Austrian pinscher short, moderately sloping.

Back extremities

Considerably angular.


Wide hips are characteristic of the Austrian pinscher.


Shins at the Austrian pinscher of average length.

Skakatelny joints



The Austrian pinscher is characterized by short insteps.


of the Paw of the Austrian pinscher are collected in a lump with strong claws.

of the Pace / movement of the Austrian pinscher

of the Movement of the Austrian pinscher smooth, harmonious, in a big way.

Wool cover of the Austrian pinscher




Dense double hair. The covering hair at the Austrian pinscher dense, smooth, adjacent. Length of the covering hair from short to average. An underfur of the Austrian pinscher dense and short, on a sciatic hillock small tows.

Color of the Austrian pinscher

Color of red gold (henna-red), brownish-yellow, pale-yellow-red, black with reddish-brown marks is characteristic of the Austrian pinscher. White marks: spots on a breast, on a muzzle, on a neck, a throat, a nape, paws and on a tail tip. The absence at the Austrian pinscher of white marks is not considered defect.

Growth of the Austrian pinscher

Height in withers

From 42 to 50 cm (at dogs of the Austrian pinscher: 44 – 50 cm, at a bough: 42 – 48 cm).


Any deviation from the above-named points is considered a shortcoming which degree is defined by that, how strongly it differs from the standard.

Bases for an exception

Aggression or noticeable shyness, indecision of the Austrian pinscher.

Nedokus, having a snack.

The dog with obvious deviations from the physical or behavioural standard is subject to disqualification.

N. B.

Dogs have to have two normally developed testicles completely lowered in a scrotum.

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