• Aug 27, 2019

is Well studied how castration affects health of a dog. However is known of influence of castration on behavior and training of dogs much less. Whether training of the castrated and ungelded dog differs?

The behavior of a dog depends not only on hormones, but also in not smaller degree — on behavior which the dog already learned. And sometimes habits become even more important, than hormonal factors.

There are no data on influence of castration on working qualities. The researches comparing two groups of dogs from whom puppies were castrated at different age did not reveal any differences in abilities to training. By the way, seeing eye dogs and many other working dogs are castrated it is almost universal.

However, the castrated dogs react to incentives less intensively and quicker calm down. However it does not mean that in their training some other rules are used. The principles of a positive reinforcement, the sequence and systematicity are also important for them, as well as for ungelded dogs.

So it is impossible to tell that training of the castrated dogs something significantly differs from training of ungelded.

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