• Jan 14, 2020

In general the Central Asian sheep-dogs are healthy dogs. However there are diseases to which they are predisposed more, than to others.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog lies on a photo grass On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

Main diseases of the Central Asian sheep-dogs

The Central Asian sheep-dogs are susceptible to infections which their ancestors did not face: viral enteritis, hepatitis, кокцидиоз.

Like many large relatives, the Central Asian sheep-dogs have a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. The disease is most expressed at large puppies who are too plentifully fed.

In lines of recessive red and white dogs the allergy which is descended meets.

One more disease of the Central Asian sheep-dogs — diabetes.

All these diseases of the Central Asian sheep-dogs are contraindications to cultivation. Appearance of generations of the dogs having the same illnesses — entirely on conscience of unfair manufacturers.

If you noticed at the Central Asian sheep-dog frightening symptoms (slackness, apathy, disorder of digestion, vomiting, temperature increase, lameness, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

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