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Doberman a pinscher – the breed of dog differing in accurate outlines of a body, a brawny constitution and ability to gather high speeds. At representatives of this breed rather bad reputation, and most of people are sure that it is extremely aggressive and spiteful dogs. But numerous manufacturers unanimously repeat that breed of dog a Dobermann terrier a pinscher rather friendly and counterbalanced, not showing unreasonable aggression.

Importance of the correct education of a dog

Guarantee of quiet and peaceful character of the pet is the correct and timely education. So, a great number of inexperienced, irresponsible owners prefer to use a dog as the bodyguard. Such unfortunate owners in certain cases specially set a dog on other people. Self-sacrificing dogs as a result begin to attack for no apparent reason, implicitly submitting to the team of the owner.

Doberman pinscher: the description of breed, maintenance and leaving Doberman a pinscher – the breed of dog differing in accurate outlines of a body, a brawny constitution and ability to develop high скорости

Неправильное education and a lack of physical activities can really lead

to the fact that the friendly dog will turn into a spiteful ruthless animal. The strong link which is formed from the first days of life of a puppy in the new house reliably connects a Dobermann terrier with the owner. He is ready to be ready to do anything if only to please the favourite owner, and this trait of character involves numerous manufacturers.

One more popular belief which is wrong says that Dobermann terriers pinschers can have only a black and red color. In fact a color of these dogs is rather various. Doberman the pinscher is allowed also light brown with red marks, both chestnut, and light gray with spots of a red shade. Also the representatives possessing a cream or snow-white color meet, and such color of wool of the pet indicates existence of serious mutations at the gene level which occurred even during pre-natal development. Such Dobermann terriers pinschers have very complex problems with health. It is impossible to predict birth of a Dobermann terrier albino as the exact reasons of such anomaly are not established to this day.

Doberman pinscher: description of breed, maintenance and leaving
Breed of dog Dobermann terrier pinscher rather friendly and уравновешенная

История origins

Selectors decided to cross to the purpose to remove new breed of self-sacrificing sentry dogs short-haired sheep-dogs, Rottweilers, terriers of a black and subdead color and the German pinschers. As a result of such experiment the breed of Dobermann terriers of pinschers was also received.

Not the professional selector, but the night police officer and the tax collector living in Germany was engaged in the creator of this breed. Friedrich Luís Doberman aimed to bring a fearless sentry dog. The mini-Dobermann terrier a pinscher, or a dwarfish pinscher, seemed to Friedrich Luís rather good thoroughbred dog, but her insignificant sizes confused him. Therefore he made the decision to bring the dog externally similar to a mini-Dobermann terrier, but much bigger by the size. Doberman wanted to receive the self-sacrificing defender and the faithful partner. And soon he managed it.

Doberman called the dogs who appeared at the end of the 19th century Tyuringsky pinschers. After the death of the creator of a dog were renamed and called in honor of Doberman.

The first representative of this breed of dog was shown at a dog exhibition on the homeland – in Germany, and already in a couple of years dogs were recognized. Used them only as police and sentry dogs.

of Feature of training of a Dobermann terrier of a pinscher (video)

Character and temperament

Representatives of this breed of dog are ideal for lonely people who are ready to devote to the devoted pet all free time. The dog really needs special attention as systematic physical activities and a set of exercises are necessary for her.

Incredibly sociable Dobermann terriers pinschers are one of the cleverest pedigree dogs. Loneliness of an oi do not take out and, having remained for long time on the backyard of a country house, begin to bark heart-rendingly.

As initially the breed a Dobermann terrier a pinscher was removed as a sentry dog, it is allocated with excellent reaction and sensitivity. The dog has literally a presentiment of the approaching danger or negative thoughts of strangers. It is ready to rise in defense of the owner and his family always. At untimely socialization and the wrong education a Dobermann terrier the pinscher can aggressively treat strangers and show unreasonable rage in their party.

Most of owners buy a dog of this breed to apply its qualities for the purpose of protection. the Dog is used by such owners as the faithful bodyguard , and she copes with this role perfectly. The socialized and well trained dog really will protect selflessly not only the owner, but also all members of household in case of danger.

Doberman pinscher: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

In some nurseries of Dobermann terriers of pinschers grow up for protection of production objects. Such dogs are not attached to one specific person and protect the territory entrusted to them. To take a Dobermann terrier from such nursery and to try to grow up in the future from it the full member of family devoted and peaceful, it will not turn out. Such dog will perfectly cope with a role of the security guard of a country house, but not the house room pet.

Extremely important, that the little Dobermann terrier grew from puppyish age under the same roof with the owner. Having surrounded the pet with care and love, it is possible to be sure that he will grow up a friendly and faithful dog.

Dobermann terriers pinschers fearless and self-sacrificing dogs. They are always ready to protect the owner and the territory entrusted to them from malefactors, but, contrary to rather popular belief, do not rush on the offender, and drive it into the deadlock where hold up to arrival of the owner.

Doberman pinscher: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

Care of a dog and her contents

Considerable plus of dogs of this breed for most of manufacturers is also that they are rather simple in leaving. Their wool has no unpleasant smell, and Dobermann terriers in itself pinschers are very clean. But while wool at dogs rather short, all of them are inclined to a molt.

It is necessary to comb pet hair not less than 1 time a week, and to bathe a dog – about a two-three of times a year. of Special leaving and close attention require ears of a Dobermann terrier, and the owner has to examine regularly them on existence of pollution and emergence of inflammatory process. It is necessary to process auricles of a dog by means of the wadded disk and special solution recommended by the veterinarian.

It is necessary to brush teeth of a canine friend at least once a week. Everyday cleaning will help to save the pet from various problems with teeth, an unpleasant smell and emergence of a raid at all. Claws of a pet need to be cut off as required.

Doberman pinscher: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

As for food of the pet, the Dobermann terrier of a pinscher can be fed with natural food or an industrial forage. If the choice of the owner fell on natural food, then the diet of a Dobermann terrier of a pinscher needs to be enriched with various porridges, canned food made in house conditions and meat dishes. Powerful advantage of natural food is that it is much easier acquired by a pet organism, and the owner will be able to save not bad when choosing this way. A lack of such food is that to calculate originally correct portion to the inexperienced owner can be difficult, and a dog happens it is necessary to feed up vitamin supplements.

If the owner made the decision to feed the pet with industrial sterns, then the Dobermann terrier to a pinscher will suit damp, semi-damp and dry feeds of the checked producers. The qualitative dry or tinned feed will help to satisfy the need of an organism of a dog for minerals and vitamins. At the same time should consider that only forages a premium and a super-premium class will be for the pet useful and nutritious. It is also desirable to select a forage proceeding from age and type of hair of pet.

It is necessary to watch that the bowl with water of a Dobermann terrier of a pinscher was always filled. At the same time it is desirable to update once a day water. The bowl with food needs to be put for 20 minutes, and the remains need to be thrown out. The portion of a forage pays off individually, proceed when calculating from age, activity and pet weight.

Doberman pinscher: description of breed, maintenance and leaving

Education and training

Recently because of nonprofessional selection of Dobermann terriers of pinschers the level of their learning ability considerably decreased. Some representatives of this breed are still easily trained and in everything listen to the owner, and others go obstinate, refusing to execute commands. But regardless of character of this or that Dobermann terrier of a pinscher in the course of training it is necessary to adhere to the sequence and systemacity. The owner is obliged to show the hardness, patience and persistence, but not to use shouts and manhandling at all. If the owner aggressively behaves, he will cause negative attitude of a dog to training process. Competent training which needs to be begun already at early age will make the representative of this breed the great bodyguard, the faithful companion and the excellent partner.

Early socialization will help to grow to a puppy of a Dobermann terrier of a pinscher peaceful and nonaggressive. Having got acquainted with other animals or with people, new to it, the Dobermann terrier a pinscher will be able to understand that they do not pose a threat neither for his owner, nor for him.


Should get a Dobermann terrier of a pinscher (video)

The owner also has to consider the fact that some representatives of this breed are inclined to loud and active bark. It is possible to disaccustom to this habit of a dog, undesirable to many owners, at puppyish age.

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