• Dec 19, 2019

Features of character of a Dobermann terrier

the Stopped ears which meet sometimes in addition at representatives of breed give to dogs extremely terrible, alerted look though it not always corresponds to true character of a Dobermann terrier. But you should not forget that the Dobermann terrier was brought as the serious gimper, and did not lose the security qualities even in our refined time.
Dobermann Terrier of a Photo On a photo: a Dobermann terrier at an exhibition
the Well-mannered Dobermann terrier with good mentality in an environment "of" — a gentle, tender dog. Willingly he only submits to the leader, but it is sociable and friendly with all members of household.

as air is necessary for It contact with the owner, the dog always seeks to be near. Having remained alone, the dog can continuously bark and howl that will hardly please neighbors — a voice at a Dobermann terrier powerful. Therefore from the early childhood accustom the pet to spend quietly time alone.

of the Relation with other dogs develop differently. Here the large role is played by education, than congenital properties. Dogs can initiate fights (and most often win them), but the pugnacity gives in to adjustment.

To strangers Dobermann terriers are extremely mistrustful — up to obvious aggression. The ill-bred Dobermann terrier can become dangerous to people around — for example, to apprehend friendly gesture of the stranger as threat and to bite. Always it is necessary to remember it. As well as about the amazing speed of reaction. While other dog thinks, the Dobermann terrier already made ten times.
the Dobermann terrier — a dog with almost human thinking. Will sometimes seem that the pet argues. He is quite capable to conduct dialogue with you — let and not by means of the speech. Excessively developed intelligence can create some problems. For example, representatives of breed with ease learn to open a door or to cover up tracks of the pranks.
Devotion (and even some tendency to a clownery) are combined in them with advantage.
Considering origin of a Dobermann terrier, it will be fair to expect from it courage, passion, determination, a strong instinct of prosecution, devotion, distrustfulness to strangers, comprehension, fearlessness. Representatives of breed also show playfulness, endurance, force and dexterity. These qualities of character of Dobermann terriers made them the best guard and working dogs.
character of Dobermann terriers differed Earlier in extraordinary malignancy, but now when they have to face constantly strangers, this quality became undesirable. The modern representative of breed should not show obvious malignancy or, on the contrary, shyness. And the great value is gained by obedience. A Dobermann terrier who tries to bite without cause — not a really good example of breed.
Dobermann terriers can Sometimes show shyness. But most often take a habit to doubt for shyness. Such dog safely engages, but at the same time avoids strangers, avoids caress and if it is tried to be stroked, hides for the owner. But if you make friends with such pet — your friendship will not be destroyed by nothing.
Character of a Dobermann terrier is also distinguished by relative independence (ability to make decisions, to work in the distance from the owner) and ability to stand up to the end in battle even if there is an opportunity to run away.

Character of a Dobermann terrier in relation to children

of Dobermann terriers should not be got as a "children's" dog. And though the well-mannered representative of breed is capable to obey even the child, the similar behavior is reached by titanic efforts from the owner.
is not recommended to leave a Dobermann terrier alone with the small child. These dogs possess labile mentality and are capable to switch instantly from the "patience, only patience" mode in the "strict tutor" mode.
of Other people's children representatives of breed most often or frankly avoid, or suffer, but communication with them does not bring pleasure to a dog.
Teach the child to interact with a dog correctly. It is impossible to disturb the pet during sleep or food. If the dog wants a privacy, it is impossible to pursue her at all or to try to hold by force.

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