• Apr 20, 2019

In information searches on the correct feeding of pets you should not conform to strictly certain rules found on web pages. To provide to a pet the balanced food, it is enough to get acquainted with some facts and myths about food of dogs. The key to success can be found if to consider that a dog — a carnivore. This knowledge represents a basis which it is necessary to remember when giving each meal.

The Facts and Myths about Food of Dogs

Widespread myths

As It Is Correct to Feed Dogs

"If the purchased forage is given to the pet, you should not change its type and the brand" — the popular myth so says. On the contrary, it is necessary to do it, but gradually . In a week it is necessary to add to an old forage new , changing proportions so that at the end there was only the last.

"Each meal has to be for 100% balanced" — one more delusion. This myth often accompanies another: "The dog never eats that the person". And both have nothing in common with the truth. Even the person does not eat dishes which deliver every day him a maximum of all necessary ingredients. According to many nutritionists it is, enough, that the diet was balanced within a week.

Little-known facts

Being going to feed independently the pet, it is important to consider that the structure of an organism of a dog completely differs from how the person is constructed. Their gastrointestinal tract is adapted for absolutely other food and they react to human food in a different way.

For a start should be remembered that the traditional food offered in supermarkets, not always contains necessary ingredients , and in most cases has substances, especially harmful to animals.

The forage of high quality, unfortunately, differs in high price, but it contains an optimum combination of ingredients necessary for a dog:

Food of Dogs

  • Meat of a duck — 32%.
  • Meat of a turkey — 20%.
  • Green peas — 15%.
  • Potatoes — 13%.
  • Lentil and herbs — 7%.
  • Linen seed, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, cranberry, fat of a turkey.
  • An omega-6 — 1.62%, the Omega-3 — 0.55%.

contains In sterns of bad quality more than grain and other products of plant origin join. Vegetable oil can come across in structure.

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