• May 11, 2019

Happens that newborns of the kutyat are left without mother. The best exit from this situation would be to find it the wet nurse, that is recently ощенившуюся a dog who has few cubs. If it is impossible, it is necessary to take in hand care of little orphans.

Recommendations about Artificial Feeding of Puppies

with What to replace dog milk for puppies:

  • Ready mix substitute of dog milk.
  • Cow's or goat milk.
  • Dry mixes for baby food.

Substitute of dog milk is supplied with the detailed instruction for preparation and feeding. Goat or cow it is necessary to boil, it is recommended to add a yolk of fresh egg. For baby food it is better for mix to part with an integral product, but not water that on fat content to approach dog . Ready-made feeds have to be:

  • to freshly cooked;
  • to filtered not to have lumps;
  • cooled up to the temperature of 38 degrees.

What to Replace Dog Milk with

it is necessary to Feed from the pipette or the syringe , it is possible to try to give to drink to large puppies from a pacifier. If kids refuse to eat, it is necessary to drip a little mix on language, usually it helps. It is impossible to press on a pacifier or a bubble when the pet eats. It is necessary to watch that he did not choke.

How many milk is necessary to puppies, depends on breed, the weight of the kid and his state. It is necessary to feed each 2−3 hours, weak — through an hour and a half.

If babies are full and healthy, they sleep almost all the time. Hungry puppies will worry and creep in search of mother. It is possible to calculate quantity of necessary food on the mass of the pet.

But it is always better to underfeed, than to give superfluous not to disturb digestion of little orphans.

  • The first week — 16−20% of weight.
  • The second week — 23−25% of weight.
  • The third week — 29 - 5% of weight.

How to feed puppies

Little dogs cannot independently empty a bladder and intestines to help them, mothers lick them, therefore surely do to puppies massage of a tummy by damp warm fabric clockwise during 5 minutes. It is necessary to maintain temperature in a nest at kids in limits 37−38 degrees. For this purpose it is possible to use an electric hot-water bottle with a temperature regulator or plastic bottles with warm water.

At natural feeding with maternal milk puppies receive antibodies which protect them from infections, when feeding by mixes pets can get sick, and it is necessary to watch constantly that they had dry buttocks and clean. Orphans to leave difficult, but if to follow certain rules and to care for them, then everything will turn out.

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