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. These are strong hard workers who have a constant need for active movements. It is better for admirers of the quiet dogs lying at the owner's legs to give preference to other breed. Character at dogs vigorous, dogs are created for the active people liking to have a rest outdoors, hunters and just the owners loving active animals.

Dog of breed дратхаар: the description, the contents and leaving
the Dog дратхаар – the good hunter, the devoted pet, the excellent friend and the watchman

is A little history

According to researchers, ancestors of breed дратхаар are German pointers. Appearance of these dogs in the territory of Germany is the share of the 19th century. The breed дратхаар was removed artificially as hunters needed an energetic dog assistant. Cynologists consider that at removal of such efficient dog the hounds and hunting dogs living in the territory of Switzerland, Germany and France participated in knitting.

Barbettes – so were called only the appeared dogs in Germany. In process of development and a research of a new look by the end of the 19th century dratkhaara appeared.

during World War II all population was destroyed in connection with tough policy. After the end of war the historical breed was restored by cynologists of Belgium, France, Germany and Austria. On renewal of population 10 years left.

of Feature of breed (video)

Appearance and character

Ignorance of characteristics of breed created at fans of dogs a stereotype about presence of unrestrained aggression at character of a hunting dog. Thanks to this wrong opinion for many years German дратхаар was used only for hunting. But recently more and more people bring them in friends, at the correct training from dratkhaar devoted pets, tender and kind partners in life turn out.

But before getting the pet, it is necessary to know the description of breed.

According to standards of breed the adult individual has to have weight within 27-32 kg . Growth at dogs should not exceed marks of 68 cm, at a bough – in 64 cm. Hunting dogs дратхаар have unique appearance which cannot be mixed with other breeds.

The case of a dog strong, well put and proportional. Such addition is called square. Dratkhaar has no free skin that the opponent could not catch it.

The skull is proportional to a body, has the small size with a narrow muzzle and a deep mouth. A flat frontal part imperceptibly passes into a nape. Eyes of the small size, dark brown color. Ears are trailing, rounded off from below, pressed to the head.

Paws are long, well put. Have the expressed muscular relief. The tail is stopped.

Dog of breed дратхаар: the description, the contents and leaving
of the Dog of breed дратхаар – strong hard workers who have a constant need for active movements

Wool rigid and short, with very dense underfur which does not pass water. The hair does not exceed 4 cm in length. On a muzzle wool is shorter, about 2 cm not to disturb sharp-sighted eyes. Distinctive feature of appearance of this breed – a beard which has the moderate length and rigidity.

color Types which are included into the strict list of the standard:

  • black with spots of gray color or without them;
  • gray-haired;
  • brown with impurity of a gray hair, brown with a white spot, just brown.

The dog has excellent intelligence and memory, she studies many useful skills independently, in the course of growth and studying of the world.

The corresponding loadings are required for breed, constant splashes of physical energy are necessary, otherwise the dog will wither. Such pet well gets on with other dogs, but not with cats and smaller animals. Breeds, many of representatives, are very jealous, and this feeling is frequent it is shown specifically to the territory, but not to the owner therefore accommodation of such dog in one house with cats needs to be estimated proceeding from the nature of a specific individual.

The dog well gets on with children, is suitable for big and cheerful family. He quietly and smoothly moves that is put at the genetic level.

Dog of breed дратхаар: description, contents and leaving

of the Subtlety of training

As дратхаар has strong character and mind, first process of training will remind pulling of a rope. To subordinate a dog to himself, the owner has to show her who is stronger. It does not mean at all that the pet it is necessary to keep a tight rein and use physical force, just at some moments it is necessary to be persistent and patient.

If дратхаар a puppy – the first dog, and there is no experience in training, then it is better to entrust education to the professional cynologist.

The dog can begin to soil, feel a lack of attention, because of long separation can сгрызть slippers or wall-paper, to spoil in the middle of the room. It is impossible to beat the pet in such cases, it can bring a dratkhaar to aggression and spoil his character. It is necessary to show quiet, but terrible tone to it what so cannot be done. The dog hunter is clever and understands everything on intonation of the person.

Except hunting skills, the breed has good sentry characteristics therefore it is a great option if the reliable security guard of the estate is necessary. All film logical grants write about ease in training of these dogs therefore only the spirit and establishing communication with a dog is important.

The ideal combination is an owner hunter and a dog дратхаар. But for operating conditions it is necessary ideal on health дратхаар which studies hunting from the first days.

Often there are problems with schooling of a dratkhaar to water . For some reason dogs at whom the passion to hunting is put in blood first are afraid to get into water. In that case it is impossible to use force and to drag violently a dog in a reservoir, it is so possible to develop fear and complexes at the pet. It is necessary to work gradually, to begin with small reservoirs, to try to include a dog in a game during which she will forget about the fears and will get behind a ball into water.

Dog of breed дратхаар: description, contents and leaving

Based on the description of breed, it is possible to allocate the following pluses:

  1. Absolute devotion to the owner.
  2. Defender's instinct.
  3. Activity, large supply of energy.
  4. Force and power of a body.
  5. Does not demand careful leaving.

breed Minuses:

  1. Stubborn and nervous behavior in the absence of attention from the owner.
  2. Desire to fight for leadership.
  3. Uncommunicativeness at communication with relatives and strangers.

Interesting facts:

  • the dog has ideal and sensitive hearing therefore she has a fear of loud sounds;
  • the type of dogs with a beard is called brudasty, it is not a mutation or the gene removed artificially;
  • "дратхаар" in translation from German means "wool";
  • dogs of this breed well adapt to conditions of Russia.

Dog of breed дратхаар: description, contents and leaving

Maintenance and leaving

If дратхаар is held in the apartment, it is important to find enough time for walks, physical games. The dog needs to be taken with itself on the nature where she will be able to splash out the collected energy, otherwise the dog will start missing and can do affairs in the apartment, crush furniture or сгрызть a boot or the book. Even if the dog is held in the house adjoining territory in the box or the open-air cage, it does not exclude long walks.

Though дратхаар also has the waterproof and not blown wool, in the winter of the pet it is necessary to let in the house to avoid freezing injury of extremities and development of diseases. In the period of a molt boughs of a dratkhaar throw off almost all warm underfur therefore at this time it is impossible to leave a dog in the yard in the rain or in cold season.

It is necessary to begin wearisome walks at puppyish age as kids and teenagers of a dratkhaar can be very destructive because of the splashing-out energy. Walks have to continue until the puppy is not tired. It is necessary for good behavior of his house and in order that he slept all night long, without disturbing the owner.

As for leaving, these pets do not need special guardianship from the owner. It is necessary to comb out wool once a week a rough hairbrush or a brush, hairstyles are not necessary.

it is important to pay attention to food of such dog: she is vigorous therefore she has to receive a double portion of energy from food. It needs more protein, cellulose and mineral substances to feel healthy and vigorous.

Dog of breed дратхаар: description, contents and leaving

It is strictly forbidden to mix natural food and dry feeds – it is possible to break a gastrointestinal tract of a dog forever. To choose a power supply system costs from 2nd month life. As dratkhaara are not inclined to allergic reactions, better to choose as food natural food. It is easy for unpretentious dog in food to please.

Frequent bathing can only do much harm to skin of a dog as natural protective lubricant is washed away, dermatitis and eczemas can develop. 1 time in 6 months is enough to bathe a dog with use of soap or special shampoo.

the List of regular manipulations for leaving:

  1. Daily survey of ears as the breed of dog дратхаар has the expressed tendency to otitises and inflammatory diseases of ears is necessary.
  2. Cleaning of ears it is necessary to carry out by a wadded tampon 1-2 times a week. It is necessary to do it accurately, without getting to acoustical pass.
  3. After a meal the dog needs to wipe a beard for hygiene that processes of rotting of the remains of food did not begin.
  4. Regularly to cut claws.
  5. To examine teeth and a mouth on existence of a smell, raid and caries.

Useful tips to fans of dogs of breed дратхаар (video)

To buy a healthy dog, it is necessary carefully and legible to approach the choice of a puppy and the manufacturer. The corresponding leaving and in time the found and cured diseases will help the owner to avoid serious problems with the pet.

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