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the Dog wolf – a hybrid animal who always interested people, and many dreamed to catch such unusual pet. Really, theoretically at so genetically close types emergence of healthy posterity with all characteristics of a strong wild animal is possible. But experience shows that it is very hard to make such crossing and posterity it can turn out at all not that quality which was planned.

Dog wolf: history of selection of a hybrid, description and character

History of emergence of a hybrid

Still the native people managed to estimate surprising qualities of wolves – their endurance, survival even in severe conditions. And for improvement of working qualities of the pets who were used for driving, hunting and is later than service, people applied periodic hybridization. However if similar process gains mass spontaneity, then this phenomenon would not bring to people anything good.

The main reason for uncontrolled hybridization of these two types in the habitat it is possible to call decrease in number of wolves. Most often similar arises at their intensive destruction by the person. Some animals perish, others change the habitat, leaving the habitual place. The same who remains become singles and constantly move across the extensive territory.

Where there live people, and wolves become less, there is a large number of half-civilized dogs who run wild more and more, getting off in packs. It is natural that the probability of crossing of a wolf with a dog increases in similar conditions. Quite often there is a pairing of lonely females of wolves, is more rare males and hybrid individuals resort to similar. At she-wolves with pure blood or hybrids after pairing with a dog it is accepted to be engaged in education of posterity alone.

Dog wolf: history of selection of a hybrid, description and character

And if "novel" happened at a wolf male, then he tries to take away shchenny to a bough with himself and participates in cultivation of posterity. After parents and their hybrid posterity create the pack. The dog crossed to a wolf begins to breed earlier, than wild fellows from 8-9 months, and broods more often turn out more numerous.

In most cases hybrids have wolf habits, but at the same time they are deprived of fear of people. It is natural that such qualities act it is not good for the person. Fearless individuals lodge near the person, appear even in the afternoon, are capable to commit assaults on cattle in the face of people. And during shooting they show surprising abilities, and usual methods of fight against wolves do not work here.

Besides, numerous cases of manifestation of aggression of hybrid individuals to the person are recorded. And there were even situations when volkosobak became populated in the green space and ate more often dogs. But similar hybridization happens to restoration of population of wolves less frequently. Therefore for the person it is important not to exterminate wolves, and to support their number that positively affects both hunting, and agriculture.

of Feature of Czechoslovak wolf breed (video)

Artificial selection and the received results

As a result of archeological excavations in the territory of Europe remains of the unusual dogs living near the person, but yet not with him were found near human settlements. They are dated 22-24 centuries BC. Natural hybridization in those conditions was possible also without participation of a wolf, and the speech about special selection work can hardly go. Historians do for certain not know what in the ancient time were ordinary wolves and the first dogs.

In 2010 images of strange hybrids – a semi-wolf, a semi-coyote, semi-dogs whose approximate age of 2000 were found in Mexico. And again it is impossible to claim whether they are result of natural hybridization or artificial selection. In the 60th 18 century the English selectors made attempt, having crossed a wolf male and a domestic sheep-dog bough. As a result the dung from 9 puppies who received the name the Pomor dogs turned out. A part fell into hands to aristocrats, and a part became a sight of small menageries.

Subsequently selectors carried out work in this direction, but it did not yield any positive results. The English volkosob did not manage to become successful hybrid breed for further cultivation. Desire to receive a volko-dog hybrid of the person did not release, and in various countries zoologists periodically returned to this question.

Dog wolf: history of selection of a hybrid, description and character

In 14 century large-scale selection was carried out in the territory of Germany. However from the 200th any hybrid of a wolf and dog was not fully socialized and did not give in to training. They felt fear to the person, were not prone to submission, and attempts of training caused panic in individuals. It also became the reason why experimental activity was stopped. Later Germans tried to cross to wolves of dogs of other breeds, but is ineffectual.

In the first quarter of 20 century the scientist Lander Sarlos brought out of Holland a volkosobachy hybrid which was recognized at the international level. Individuals were received by crossing of a female of a wolf and a German shepherd. Further selection continued, and the breed of volkosob was updated: the she-wolf taken in this project crossed to a hybrid dog.

The family Sarlos when he died, continued activities for cultivation of volkosob, but after a while representatives of the approved breed ceased to conform to the standard. Even more often puppies with prevalence of wolf habits were born: they did not give in to training and socialization. The breed of dog of a volkosob of Sarlos was entered in the black list. It is surprising that such metamorphosis occurred when individuals had only 1/10 part of blood of wild ancestors. Despite all attempts to revive breed and the made efforts on socialization of dogs, nevertheless they practically disappeared.

Dog wolf: history of selection of a hybrid, description and character

Work of the Czech and Russian felinologists

The Czech biologist Carel Hartl who worked in military nursery became the most successful in the aspiration to receive mix of a dog and the wolf suitable for training. Then for crossing the best producer of nursery of German shepherds and a female of the Carpathian wolf by nickname Brita who was grown up by the person was used.

However the first puppies of a volkosob did not survive, and in an experiment used other dog. The second attempt was more than successful: the scientist managed to receive a healthy dung, and puppies were focused on the person, studied and subsequently used them for the border service.

the Czech top was recognized as a href="/upload/temp-content/dogs/chehoslovatskaya-volchya-poroda-sobaka" title= at world level, when Carel Hartl got permission to take out hybrid individuals to other countries. Today in the territory of the Czech Republic successfully works to a chchetyra of nursery of volkosob. Here it is possible to buy a puppy of this surprising breed, however it is necessary to agree with quite strict conditions and to pay the considerable sum. According to opinion of experts, at the Czech volchak only appearance wolf and that is regarding character, this is the real German shepherd.

The Russian selectors did not stand aside, and the great number of individuals of both types and their posterity was crossed. However any attempt was not crowned with success until professor V.M. Kasimov got down to business. So it turned out that the first copulation of a female wolf and dog of the German happened not in laboratory, and almost amicably. Then the tame she-wolf of Nayd whom long could not find couple itself paid attention to the stately gentleman.

In 2003 the surprising puppies having dog character and wolf appearance were born. Having gone without problems socialization, the posterity was called the Russian volkosoba. Today work on cultivation of volkosob is closed, however the individuals received for 16 years' selection continue to be used for service in law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

Dog wolf: history of selection of a hybrid, description and character

Appearance of volkosob

Considering everything listed, it is possible to present those risks on which there were creators of hybrid breeds. However successful results were received, and volkosoba nevertheless have the right for existence. As today it is about volkosoba in which veins no more than 15% of wild blood flow, and more often and much less, the fact that they very much resemble wolves superficially surprises. of Volkosoby the description of breed have the following:

  1. Possess a dry, lean body.
  2. Extremities are long, with large brushes.
  3. The color more often gray or sandy, but meets also black – the breed of the dog participating in crossing matters here. If the wolf was brought together about huskies or likes, then the posterity can turn out with gray, gray-haired or even white wool and if the German shepherd acted as one of parents, then puppies will turn out dark, also the black color of wool is possible.
  4. One of distinctive features of volkosob can call their teeth: they on - wolf very strong and powerful, intended for drawing severe injuries to the victim. This quality is also used by military, training wolves dogs for participation in fighting.

Besides, there live hybrid individuals much longer than dogs: the maximum duration of their life is 40 years, and minimum – quarter of the century. As a result of a research surprising abilities of volkosob were revealed. First of all it concerns their sense of smell. Volkopsa 5-7 day prescription can guess smells, they distinguish blood of the person suffering from oncology. Having guessed blood of healthy people, they have enough 3-5 seconds to pick up a trail. On these characteristics to ordinary dogs it is far to volkosob.

Dog wolf: history of selection of a hybrid, description and character

of Trait of character

Being mix of a wolf and dog, and wild blood at them much less, individuals are deprived of dog affection for the person. It first of all is connected with for what purposes brought hybrid animals: office and security work. And in this case the affection for the owner will only complicate training and application of animals. Unlike domestic dogs, the hybrid will not begin to grieve for the owner and will better concentrate on an objective.

Hybrids – the highly intellectual animals possessing frightening, but at the same time great appearance and unique character. Features of the last are connected with that how many its blood contains wolf DNA. And there are no times breed, there is no certain standard also, and even puppies of one dung can have various characteristics. It also does not allow to reveal the behavior model inherent in volkosobaka: one puppy can be tender and appeasable, and another – wildishly severe.

But nevertheless it is possible to tell with reliability about some common features:

  • high intelligence which exceeds dog level;
  • hyperactivity;
  • volkosoba – very clever and bright animals;
  • hybrids are capable to study very quickly;
  • are curious.

the Interesting facts about dogs (video)


Volkosoba watchfully concern people, in certain cases they are capable to show aggression and to be extremely stubborn. However, most of representatives of large security breeds is inclined to similar manifestations. And them, as well as other dogs, it is impossible to beat, otherwise the animal will become embittered and will not begin to submit subsequently.

Even most cultivated hybrid individuals possess some wild habits. They will never refuse to hunt on a small game, like to chew and gnaw various objects, dig the real canyons, easily get over any fences and if to close them in the room, then they can raze everything to the ground. The owners who decided to start a similar animal are recommended to equip the spacious open-air cage made of strong materials. Special they do not demand leaving, and their health can only envy.

Dogs wolves still are up to the end not recognized today, not intended for house contents and are most likely an exception. But nevertheless people do not stop trying to improve qualities of dogs at the expense of their immediate family and to remove the unique breed having superabilities. Perhaps, sometime will appear house волкособ which can be entrusted even the baby, and his scent and force will be used in life. But so far before it is far.

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