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can Make dog enclosure the hands not only, but also it is necessary. It is not always convenient if the animal of large breed freely runs across the territory of the site. To put it on a leash – too not an exit. Especially as chain keeping of a dog leads to aggression development. And the animal who is broken from a leash can snatch not only on the stranger, but also on the owner. Therefore if the owner of the house decided to hold a dog, then to provide her worthy existence is its direct duty.

Dogs enclosure the hands: types and arrangement, construction stages

Types and location of open-air cages

Both stationary capital constructions, and temporary folding are applied to captive keeping of an animal. The last are generally used at dachas where accommodation seasonal. With the onset of cold weather such construction understands, disinfected and cleans up on storage. Capital constructions are applied in country houses and are a part of a complex of buildings and constructions of a household. Dimensions of the open-air cage depend not only on breed of a dog, but also on the sizes of the site and house.

they Settle down in such place that the dog looked through all territory from a gate to an entrance to the house . It is undesirable to equip the open-air cage near the fence which is going outside: people and cars will irritate an animal and to cause unjustified aggression. Have construction, as a rule, under a tree on the eminence of a relief of the site, far from cesspools and compost heaps and also sheds which held pets and a bird. Foreign, especially pungent smells irritate snuff receptors of a dog and can lead to deterioration in sense of smell. It first of all belongs to the maintenance of hunting dogs.

For production of vitamin C the dog needs the sun. However continuous stay on it negatively affects an animal organism, especially during the summer period. There is enough if the open-air cage is lit with direct sunshine in morning or evening. Such period has to be about 3 hours a day.

Dogs enclosure the hands: types and arrangement, construction stages

Structure of the open-air cage

Drafts therefore open-air cage walls, except front, become continuous are very harmful to a dog. Floors are usually made of concrete or asphalt. Asphalt, of course, is more preferable as it warmer also does not contain a lot of dampness. A part of a floor in a far corner is left without covering. In this place there will be a dog toilet. These animals very clean will also quickly get used to it. On a part of a covering establish a removable wooden board. On it the animal will lie or sit without harm for health. The free space with a concrete coating is necessary too. Running on it, the dog grinds off claws which will prevent it to go if not to do it.

The front wall is usually made of a grid or metal rods. It is undesirable to apply a chain-link as some dogs try to gnaw it, at the same time extend a wire and can injure teeth and a mouth. The grid, welded or woven, is usually framed, made of a metal corner. Thickness of a wire has to be not less than 5-6 mm.

If the wall is made of metal rods, then it is better to apply material of square section of 10х10 or 12х12 mm in size. It is possible to use also ridge fittings, but it loses on appearance. If the wall is executed from a framework, then they fasten to a framework or corners by means of electric welding.

dog Enclosure the hands (video)

construction Stages

If the owner decided to please the pet and to make dog enclosure the hands, then in the beginning it is necessary to decide on its sizes and the location. You should not have a construction on the backyard or in the most far corner of the site. For this purpose the place between gate and an entrance to the house will approach. It is desirable that by the open-air cage there did not pass the path as circulation of strangers irritates dogs, especially sentry.

Dimensions of a construction are chosen according to the sizes of a dog and, as a rule, make 6-10 m ². It is necessary to remember that captive keeping of a dog does not cancel and does not replace daily walks. When finding a dog the most part of muscles does not take part in its movement in limited space. Long stay in the open-air cage leads to the fact that some groups of muscles atrophy. If to let out such dog freely to run about, then with high probability he will be traumatized. Therefore it is necessary to take the choice of the sizes of the open-air cage seriously. Too big shelter will not bring benefit to an animal, and will lead to irrational use of the territory of the site.

Dogs enclosure the hands: types and arrangement, construction stages

About snovny stages of construction of the open-air cage:

  1. At construction of the open-air cage on a private farmstead usually choose the capital design executed from a brick and concrete (asphalt).
  2. On corners of the platform establish metal columns which will serve as support to a roof and fastening of a grid.
  3. The soil on depth of 20-25 cm gets out from the received platform
  4. Then on a bottom the layer of sand 5-7 cm thick is covered and well condensed.
  5. On sand about 10 cm of crushed stone keep within, then the platform is filled in with concrete.
  6. In a far corner the platform which is filled up with sand instead of concrete is left small (0.8х1.5 m). It will be the latrine for a dog.
  7. The front wall is made of a grid or metal rods, and the others spread in ½ bricks on height about 1.5 m. For a laying the red burned brick is usually used.
  8. The door (gate) is made mesh and established in a front wall. It has to open in the open-air cage and have 2 locks – outside and from within.
  9. A roof usually apply odnoskatny. It is simple performed by and allows to organize a drain of rain water from the construction back. As roofing material it is recommended to use a bituminous tile or slate. The metal covering is not applied in connection with the strong noise arising during a rain or a hail.

Beautiful dogs enclosures turn out from a tree. Usually they are made for small breeds. If the dog lives in the apartment and it is necessary to leave it for some period one, then make the open-air cage arena. In it put a laying, any toy and a container for a toilet. The animal can be there, without behaving outrageously in the apartment.

Dogs enclosure the hands: types and arrangement, construction stages

Arrangement of internal space

Dog shelters serve not only the territory for walking, but also for feeding and rest of an animal. Therefore such places have to be provided. Your pet has to feel in the open-air cage protected. It is its territory which the animal will protect.

It is impossible to punish a dog in the open-air cage at all. If to do it repeatedly, then the dog will be uncertain and hammered. He will not have a place where he can feel safe.

Can happen and so that the animal will snap, protecting the territory. In this case aggression can be splashed out not only in the form of growl and spiteful bark, but also in attempt to attack the owner, often not unsuccessful.

Dogs enclosure the hands: types and arrangement, construction stages

Feeding troughs have to be fixed not movably and have a possibility of installation of bowls with food and water. The place of feeding is usually located in the depth of the open-air cage and closed a screen that it was not looked through outside. The dog has to have a drinking water constantly, under any weather conditions. Feeding troughs have to be cleaned from the remains of food and be disinfected periodically.

For rest of an animal boxes usually are established. Some owners of dogs combine the box and the utility room in which contain stock for cleaning of the open-air cage, and in certain cases and prepare for the pet of sterns. As a rule, rodents who give to a dog a lot of inconvenience are got there. Usually warmed box is installed separately, a manhole on the East or the West. To veil an entrance there is no need. With approach of winter the dog will already acquire a fat, and grown subguns will not allow it to freeze. His wild fellows live without warm boxes and are not ill.

Dog boxes and boughs become differently. In the first case the odnootsechny box with a manhole is made. In the second the platform, and surely is made of it an entrance to an inhabited compartment. The same place is used for keeping of puppies.

the Interesting facts about dogs (video)

The roof is done, as a rule, removable. For simplification of opening veils are mounted, and the stopper for its deduction in open position is established. Such design facilitates cleaning of the box and survey of puppies.

On a concrete floor place a wooden scaffold. Its size has to be sufficient for finding of an animal on it in cold season. The same flooring is constructed also in the place of feeding. During cleaning of the open-air cage pallets need to be cleaned and dried. Additional lighting for a dog is not done, however it will be required for survey of the box or pets in night-time.

With love and with taste the built open-air cage will be the reliable house and the vacation spot of the favourite of family.

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