• Aug 29, 2019
Sometimes is very a pity for charity dogs, but at the same time we cannot take them home. The complete set of the animals, impossibility to provide the worthy standard of living, the constrained living conditions … the reasons can be much, and all weighty. However and in this case dogs can be helped. How? Let's consider options.

 the Dog in a shelter

Training of dogs from a shelter

Unfortunately, most often is a lot of dogs in a shelter, and people who look after them – very little. Besides, not all from them can find approach to dogs and train them by humane methods. Alas, sometimes, that dogs from a shelter need "rehabilitation" subsequently after those ways of communication which were applied by employees and volunteers.

At the same time, the dog who completed at least an initial course has much the best chances to find the loving family. Potential owners are much more inclined to take a dog who shows readiness to listen and hear the person, than the wildish being promising more than problems, than pleasures from communication. And minimum trained dog it is more chances not to return to a shelter at at least.

 Training of dogs from a shelter
there Is no
dogs who could not study the simplest things (if they physically are capable of them). There are to what it was not succeeded to find approach.
is for this purpose not obligatory to be the cynologist. There is a mass of literature and online courses which provide information on training of dogs by humane methods. It is enough to help the dog who attracted to you.

So if you feel in yourself desire and forces to increase chances of a dog of a pristroystvo is a remarkable way.

Care of dogs from a shelter

Alas, the overpopulation of a shelter and the shortage of human resources leads to the fact that not always look after them at at least minimum acceptable level. Low-quality feeding, irregular cleaning of open-air cages, not to mention lack of walking – sad reality which dogs in shelters face. And hardly someone will be against if you undertake some of these duties.

And if importance of feeding and cleaning is obvious, then walks are often underestimated. Also walk with dogs by the residual principle, and sometimes at all just release to the special shelter – but it has nothing in common with walk. And meanwhile walks are vital to any dog, especially timid with which they walk extremely seldom.

 Walk with a dog
Walk is an opportunity to investigate new smells, to meet other dogs and people, to see different places. It gives to a dog understanding that the world is not limited to open-air cage space.

Photographing of dogs from a shelter

In order that the dog "hooked" on the potential owner, are very important qualitative photos: not compassionate, but live, bright and emotional. From the photographer not only the equipment, but also an imagination share, ability to allocate a specific dog from a great number of others and to show her advantages is required. If you feel in yourself such abilities and want to help animals – to you there will be no price. Besides, you, having trained, you can quite become the professional photographer-animal painter.

" and if I have an allergy to dogs?"

If desire to help unfortunate dogs fights against manifestations of an allergy, you can choose a field of activity which does not demand direct contact with quadrupeds.

For example, writing of texts. A secret is that they have to be not tearful (often sin with it, but such giving only pushes away many people), and competent, truthful and written in good language, with sense of humour.

Is important that information on a dog was reliable. Otherwise, if the potential owner sees a discrepancy, he will feel deceived. It will definitely not help a dog to find the new house.

One more way to tell about a dog and to show it in all beauty – the page on social networks. It is also excellent opportunity to help a shelter without close contact with dogs which, however, will demand from you time and special abilities (in particular, understanding of the principles of work of social networks).

 Dog at the computer
I, of course, financial support (it is not obligatory money, but also sterns, leads, laying and other vital things), which for charity dogs never is superfluous.

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