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what dry feed for a dog it is the best of all to get. Many people will agree that health of pets directly depends on their food. Only in case of the choice of qualitative structure you will be able to organize the balanced food for the favourite.

What Dry Dog Food Is Better
Someone can be interested what dry feed for a dog it is the best of all to get

Remember that at ready mix there have to be vitamins and minerals. Only at the use of such product your animal will fully develop. Besides accounting of components of a forage, it is necessary to place emphasis on age category and the animal sizes (for example, today it is possible to find a forage for small dogs). Remember that for big animals and puppies sell various mixes. Also it should be taken into account a way of life of the favourite. At some dogs it is active, at others – inactive. Proceeding from it, the corresponding structures with the highest or smallest concentration of separate components are gained.

what to pay attention to

Mixes, as a rule, contain meat or grain meal. Besides, there can be vegetables, vitamin, mineral complexes. It should be taken into account that if in structure at first it is specified grain, but only then meat meal, then, most likely, such forage will not contain necessary quantity of elements for development of the pet. Study structure of a dry feed. Generally the meat products are recommended for feeding, it is suitable for many animals better and is more nutritious.

There are various producers of dry feeds. It is necessary to give preference to exclusively reliable companies which produce the mixes checked for quality, class forages холистик. Firms have to prove in the market. You should not be trusted advertizing completely. To define what dog food the best, carefully investigate activity of the seller-manufacturer and his products. So you will be able to be sure that you will get a premium class forage for dogs. You will secure the favourite against the use of a low-grade product, and yourself – against purchase of low-quality dry dog food.

What Dry Dog Food Is Better

Age and size of pets

The famous producers release different types of dog food. Separate lines of products meet. Usually on counters structures for puppies, adults, the aging pets meet. Respectively, age categories happen from 0 to 12 months, from 1 year to 9 years, more than 10 years. Upon purchase of food for kids consider that in a puppyish organism, as a rule, there are active changes concerning growth. For this reason it is important to choose the best puppy food.

If to speak about the pet's size, then it also should be considered. For small pets try to buy a forage for small breeds of dog in small granules, the structure with big elements will be suitable for large dogs.

Dry dog food (video)

As is considered a way of life?

Surely pay attention to what life is led by your dog. It is better for sporty favourites to buy mixes with the marks active, energy. Structures on which packing normal or light is written will be suitable for passive pets (including for puppies of small breeds). Be sure that at the use of such food (it can be a forage for little dogs) your pet will never gather extra kilos.

Keep in mind that dogs which live in the cold region need more high-calorie food, than the pets who are in conditions of a temperate climate. If your favourite has any disease, then he will need an additional power source (necessary components may contain puppy food), which is necessary for fight against viruses, restoration of the suffering bodies, the damaged fabrics.

For pregnant females buy high-calorific food (try to study the list of popular dog food of a super-premium class and the rating of such goods in advance). The same food should be bought for large breeds and other animals in the period of their lactation. Remember that to the feeding boughs it is necessary approximately in 8 times more for energy, than ordinary dogs. Sterilizovannoy animals need low-calorie food. It is necessary to reduce sexual activity and appetite.

Consider specific features of an animal (sometimes relevant to get a dry feed for a puppy of large breed). For example, for reduction, increase in weight, improvement of a condition of wool, leather, claws buy food with separate ingredients.

What Dry Dog Food Is Better
Remember that at ready mix there have to be vitamins and минералы

Популярный Orijen producer

There are various classes of dog food. Do you need a qualitative, safe and useful product? Surely try mixes from Orijen (the German dog food, for example, from Josera, are a great option for acquisition). They belong to structures of a premium class. It should be noted that forages of this firm won a prize from the international sobakovodchesky community. This fact is confirmation of reliability of the Orijen company. The product range is rather big. There are structures both for adult dogs, and for puppies. All mixes contain components which biologically correspond to needs of pets.

If to carry out comparison of forages of this producer with similar products, then it should be noted that for the mixes Orijen exclusively natural products are selected. Chickens, a salmon, a whitefish, vegetables, fruit are usually used. All structures contain about 70% of meat and 30% of vegetables.

Choosing Orijen brand forages, you will be able to make the full menu which will be a guarantor of long and healthy life of an animal.

It is necessary to tell that forages of Orijen suit all to breeds and even the dogs bearing a fruit. Their structure contains a lot of protein, a minimum of carbohydrates. Before release the quality of products is carefully checked. It is done by veterinarians and other experts. Buyers can not doubt acquisition of exclusively qualitative structure.

What Dry Dog Food Is Better

Canidae Company

Purchase super - premium dog food from Canidae can become the excellent decision. This producer takes the leading positions in the market for today. The basic principle of work of the company sounds so: "We prepare as people". In structures of products of this company there are no products like soy, various artificial additives, millet. In production of mixes the company uses fish, meat ingredients, a bird, rice (it can be brown or white).

Practice shows that even the choosiest dogs in food with pleasure use qualitative forages from Canidae. The company produces universal mixes – Canidae all Life Stages. These structures of a superpremium class can be bought even for the old dogs inclined to allergic reactions, problems with skin. Such mixes are perfectly acquired by an organism of animals.

Very good forage from Canidae carries the name Lamb & Rice. This mix is an excellent protein complex. By means of it you will be able to make the full menu absolutely for all dogs. The products from Canidae carrying special names will be suitable for large and small, sporty and passive pets (for example, Grain Free All Life). It is perfectly acquired by a dog organism thanks to existence in the list of chicken, a turkey, lamb.

Elderly animals will suit elite dog food from Canidae with the name Platinum. Besides, they are recommended to be used to animals who transferred castration or sterilization. To the favourites inclined to allergic reactions, buy the corresponding dog forages of a premium class from Canidae. You will find the necessary instructions to use of structure on packing. Do you want to diversify the menu? Try to get premium class forages for dogs with high concentration of vegetables and fishes. They are ideal for active pets.

Choice of dry dog food (video)

Products of Go natural

The rating of dry dog food shows that one of leaders of sales is the Petcurean Pet Nutrition organization. This company produces premium class dry dog food. They contain exclusively useful components in the form of a salmon, a turkey, chicken fat, a duck. The best dry dog food from this firm contains sweet potatoes. This ingredient is a source of huge number of useful substances. Thanks to availability of the specified ingredients of a forage Go natural can be used literally by all animals. They are absolutely safe.

It is possible to find forages for small breeds of dog in sale and for large dogs. Mixes with a combination of such products as a salmon and porridge, a duck and vegetables (will be suitable for the dogs suffering from allergic reactions), chicken, various fruit meet. If to carry out comparison of products of Petcurean Pet Nutrition with other sterns, then it is necessary to tell that the specified company releases bezzernovy products at which are present only a turkey, chicken, a salmon, a duck. This structure is recommended to be used to very active pets.

What Dry Dog Food Is Better
Consider specific features of an animal

That is offered by the Innova company

For a long time super-premium class dog food from Innova enjoys popularity. At dry structures most often there are meat ingredients. Vegetables, flour and fruit can be added.

The best puppy food and adult animals differs from Innova in availability of useful acids, various minerals, such vitamins as B5, B6, B12, A, D, E.

Different producers of dog food release structures, both light, and heavy for assimilation. It should be noted that forages differ from the Innova company in the high caloric content therefore at their use it is necessary to respect the day rules. Puppies are recommended to be fed according to their requirement. If to carry out comparison of kids with adult dogs, then the last should give mixes from Innova about 3-4 times a day in small amounts. The recommended norm of the use of a forage can be read on packing of structure.

of Pedigree as one of the leading manufacturers

If previously look at the special rating of dog food, you will see that Pedigree is one of leaders in the list of popular producers. This American manufacturer turns out products which contain exclusively useful vitamins, acids, proteins, mineral substances. On sale there are special professional dog food, mixes for puppies, adult animals. Structures for shortly - and long-haired pets of the different size meet. The forage for large dogs and other animals from the Pedigree company conforms to the established international standards. It is quality next confirmation of the produced goods.

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