• Feb 14, 2020
Some owners find it difficult to determine by

a difference between education and training of a dog. However all this little different things. In what difference?

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Both education, and training of a puppy – it always training. But training in different things: for example, to specific teams or even to the whole sports disciplines, as to objects at human school (and then we speak about training) or to skills of behavior in society – and then the speech about education of a puppy.

If to continue to carry out parallels with people, the child can perfectly solve mathematical problems and to win at the Olympic Games (that is it is trained), but at the same time to be perfect ill-bred and not to respect the rules of accommodation in society.

That is training of a puppy is training in teams: "To sit", "Stand", "Lie", "To me", "Nearby", etc., and etc. The trained dog studies to execute certain commands on to verbal (voice) teams or on gesture of the trainer.

Education of a puppy is an instilling to it standards of behavior in human society. We train the pet to behave in that or other situation correctly by default, without additional teams.

For example, trained, but the ill-bred dog does not pull on a lead, only executing the command "Nearby". The well-mannered dog does not pull on a lead by default because to her it trained, and teams are for this purpose not necessary.

The well-mannered dog knows that on guests it is not necessary to jump. The dog only trained can try to put forepaws on guests, however it can execute the Sit command and to remain on endurance.

That is, in spite of the fact that training and education of a puppy are closely interconnected, the difference nevertheless is.

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