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Education of a bullmastiff has to begin p title=" from the first day of appearance of a puppy in your house.

Principles of education of a bullmastiff

do not punish a puppy of a bullmastiff At all if he makes the following actions:

  1. Bites someone in a game. Puppies explore the world around by means of a mouth and are not able to commensurate sting force yet. Do not provoke a puppy of a bullmastiff to stings, do not play hands (use toys), in time stop a game until the kid was overexcited. If suddenly were not in time and the puppy bit you, sharply shout "It is impossible!" and at the very same time stop a game.
  2. Gnaws or frays your things – exchange a thing necessary to you for a toy necessary to a puppy of a bullmastiff or delicacy and remove all objects expensive to you in things, inaccessible for the pet.
  3. Begs. This natural behavior for a dog, just ignore it, and gradually, without receiving a reinforcement, it will die away.
  4. Runs for foreign people or tries to stick to unfamiliar dogs or cats. For any puppy it is normal, distract him, interest, induce to run to you.
  5. Does houses of a pool and a small group. The puppy physically cannot long suffer, and to you it is necessary or to take out often him on the street and to encourage for the necessary actions there, or just silently to clean after him.

to Keep a puppy of a bullmastiff under supervision – your responsibility. If he made a mistake, just liquidate consequences.

do not allow a puppy of a bullmastiff the fact that you will not allow an adult dog. For example, if you be touched when the kid snuffled near you on a sofa, be not indignant that, having become an adult huge dog, he will want to keep the company to the favourite owner too.

In education of a bullmastiff should forget the word "quickly". The quality in this case is more important than speed.

to What to teach a puppy of a bullmastiff in house conditions

  1. Schooling to a nickname. It is important that the nickname was associated at a puppy of a bullmastiff with something pleasant. Call a nickname and at once give favourite delicacy or a game.
  2. Schooling to the place. The place also has to cause only pleasant associations, do not abuse at all and do not punish a puppy of a bullmastiff when it is in the place. It is important that the place was located where nobody will disturb a dog (for example, you should not place a stove bench on a campaign) or on a draft.
  3. Teach a puppy of a bullmastiff to welcome you, standing on four paws. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to you when the huge dog jumps on you, expressing delight. While the kid jumps, turn away. As soon as all four paws appear on a floor, sit down and caress it. It is important not to bend over a puppy, namely to squat – so at him less temptation will over again to start jumping.
  4. Schooling of a puppy of a bullmastiff to cleanliness. As soon as the puppy is going to make the affairs (as a rule, soon after a dream and food), take out him on the street. If he managed to descend in a toilet on the street, praise and treat. But do not demand too much – the little puppy is not able to suffer so pools and small groups will be also at home. Do not abuse for them a puppy.
  5. Gradually train a puppy of a bullmastiff in the main teams. All training of a puppy takes place in a game, and each success is supported with delicacy. Occupations should not cause in the kid of a negative at all.
  6. You teach a puppy of a bullmastiff to play useful games. The important rule – a game comes to an end on your initiative before the kid is tired or will be overexcited.
  7. Schooling to a collar (breast-band) and a lead. In the beginning acquaint a puppy with new objects, and only then put on him ammunition. Time of stay in a collar or a breast-band increases gradually. In the beginning couple of seconds suffices. If the puppy worries and tries to be released, distract him.
  8. Acquaintance to different places, sounds, smells, people and animals.

Remember that every day, regardless of your load, the puppy of a bullmastiff needs to pay attention.

is important to find the correct motivation which suits your dog In education and training of a puppy of a bullmastiff. It can be, for example, delicacy, a game or stroking.

From 6 – 7 months it is possible to start special training of a puppy of a bullmastiff (for example, to begin training of OKD).

 the Bullmastiff at a photo exhibition

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