• Feb 24, 2020

Features of education of a Pekinese

In education of a Pekinese needs to show caress and patience. From the first day of appearance of the kid in the house it is persistent, but softly try to obtain implementation of requirements. Begin with small, go from simple to difficult.

Education of a Pekinese relies on features of behavior and character of the pet. You should not apply to a Pekinese the same approaches, as to a sheep-dog.

the Pekinese differs in restraint, self-confidence, fearlessness and obstinacy – and at the same time boundless devotion. He does not love vanity and noise, but gets used to daily rituals quickly and perceives them with pleasure. It is important to consider all this.

Education and training of a Pekinese in house conditions

the opinion that it is optional to train a little dog Occurs. It's not true. That with the pet it was comfortable to communicate and coexist – and to you, and to people around – he has to be well-mannered. Regardless of the sizes. Otherwise the dog will bring more disappointment, than pleasures.

Besides training of a Pekinese which includes necessary teams it is a safety issue. Otherwise you should drive a dog only on a lead (that will hardly be pleasant to a Pekinese) or to worry constantly.

The puppy of a Pekinese studies only in a game. Each success has to be encouraged – a praise (rough and sincere!) or delicacy.

the Basic program of education and training of a Pekinese in house conditions: schooling to a nickname, instilling of skills of cleanliness, the team "Place", "To Me", "Foo", schooling to a lead.

Occupations should not be spontaneous. A Pekinese – the supporter of the mode and rituals. Allocate certain time for training of a Pekinese.

Do not tire a dog. To train in everything and at once it will not turn out. Move gradually.

Always try to obtain the. If few times not to make it, in the future you are waited by serious fight of characters. And not the fact that you will win it.

Shout and any cruelty at education and training of a Pekinese – the worst that can be thought up. How the obstinacy or the seeming dullness of a Pekinese irritated you – do not dare to break.

Watch the pet. If to him something especially is pleasant (to tryukachit, dance or overcome small obstacles), use it in training process. The canine friend with pleasure will go to school and more willingly will apprehend other teams.

Pekineses try to imitate owners. If you disappoint the pet or will not gain authority, he should take the place of the leader most. And then you will not wait for obedience.

the Forbidding team ("Foo!" or "It is impossible!") — the only occasion to apply some rigidity (not cruelty!) in relation to a Pekinese. Here the easy breakthrough of a lead (not to select something from the earth) or a strict hail will be quite appropriate (if spoils things). But you remember what effective will lock and correction will be only at the time of crime commission, but not several seconds later.

for the rest at education and training of a Pekinese in house conditions needs to work persistently, but it is most tender and soft.

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