• Aug 27, 2019
Each handler and the owner keeps "in a cushion" own secrets of ringovy training. And over time you save up "know-how". However all begin with something.

of Ringovaya training begins from that day when the puppy got to your house. As a rule, it occurs when to the kid 2 — 2.5 months are executed. Ringovy training is carried out in parallel with the general course of training, games and establishment of contact between the owner and the pet.

First of all, it is necessary to be defined what words you will use as teams. For example, teams can be the following:
  • " Work!" It is a signal to the beginning of ringovy training.
  • " Teeth!" The team anticipating display of teeth.
  • " Ring!" According to this team the dog accepts an exhibition rack. It is better that the dog distinguished this command from the Stand team which designates a stop during the movement or rise from a prone position or sitting.
  • " Lynx!" It is a signal to run a wide uniform lynx with a speed, characteristic of breed.

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