• Dec 10, 2019

Features of character of the English cocker spaniel

Character of the English cocker spaniel, as a rule, distinguishes friendliness and responsiveness. They perfectly feel also in big family, and as the partner for the lonely person. But the owner at the English cocker spaniel anyway one, and a dog chooses it. Though treats other family members friendly.
 the English cocker spaniels red On a photo: The English cocker spaniels
the English cocker spaniels specialize in quality of partners more and more now, however do not forget the hunting calling. And it needs to be considered — all birds on walk will attract genuine interest of a dog.

the English cocker spaniels are playful and adore an aportirovka. It is simple to train them, the main thing — to find approach to the favourite.

Should considering that the special sensitivity and impressionability is inherent in character of the English cocker spaniel. They painfully endure manifestations of your bad mood or indignation so it is worth stocking up with patience and not to apply physical punishments at all and not to shout at the pet. The main rule of education and training of the English cocker spaniel — kindness and lack of violence.

However and not to do without hardness. If you show that your teams can be ignored, the English cocker spaniel by all means will use a weak point. However, the English cocker spaniel is ready to sell soul so use it for delicacy. And show discontent unambiguously, but it is civilized.

early socialization is extremely important
For the English cocker spaniel, otherwise he can grow up timid and shy.
the English cocker spaniel adores attention. And if you throw a dog, she can run wild and become embittered, begin unauthorized repair or please neighbors with vocal exercises.

In character of the English cocker spaniels are perfectly combined vigor, mischief and at the same time tenderness, inquisitiveness and readiness to study.
 the English cocker spaniels red On a photo: Red English cocker spaniels

of the Security guard from the English cocker spaniel will not turn out — these dogs are friendly in relation to strangers. Though will not begin to meet actively everyone.

the English cocker spaniels are mobile and extremely need active long walking. At the same time they can be fond, having picked up an attractive trail, and at all to forget about your existence. Consider it and release a dog in free floating only where you are completely sure of its safety. But at the same time an opportunity to splash out energy is necessary to these dogs as air, differently troubles not to pass.

that sudden causeless flashes of rage are peculiar to some English cocker spaniels. This manifestation can be stopped by drawing up a special diet, change of conditions of keeping and correction of behavior, however completely this line, unfortunately, does not disappear. Therefore carefully study ancestors of your dog if stopped the choice on this breed.

Character of the English cocker spaniel in relation to children

the English cocker spaniel is vigorous, adores playing and at the same time is rather big that the child accidentally did not cripple the pet. Therefore the breed can become a great choice for family with children. Provided that you carefully studied a family tree of the potential pet to reduce the probability of manifestation of unpredictable flashes of rage.

the English cocker spaniel of competent cultivation and education with pleasure will keep
the company on walk in the park where both the child, and a dog can gambol thoroughly. Besides, the canine friend with pleasure will bring at the request of the child of a stick and balls.

needs to explain to the Child that a dog — not a toy, and the living being who deserves respect. It is impossible to disturb the pet during sleep or food and to force it to play if that does not show willingness.

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