• Aug 27, 2019

What is false pregnancy at a dog

False pregnancy — the widespread phenomenon at dogs of all breeds. So call a psycho-physiological state at boughs which was not impregnated, but at the same time shows signs of pregnancy. The dog in this case diligently equips "nest", can even endure something similar to fights. As a rule, false pregnancy is observed at dogs with irregular knittings and is connected with violations of hormonal development.
Sterilization of a dog considerably reduces the probability of approach of false pregnancy.

False pregnancy at a dog: what to do?

If bough began to show signs of false pregnancy, it is necessary to remove toys. Self-licking of nipples strengthens manifestation of symptoms of false pregnancy. It can prevent, having put a collar and a body cloth on a dog. Limit consumption of proteins.
If bough shows aggression, extreme excitement or physical problems appear (for example, mastitis), drugs will be necessary. Address the veterinarian.
False pregnancy can be a disease symptom (a gipoterioza or dysfunctions of a liver).
At frequent strong manifestations of false pregnancy it is necessary to address to clinic for inspection. Most likely, to you will suggest to take a blood test on biochemistry and hormones.

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