• Feb 19, 2019

False pregnancy — a difficult psychophysical deviation at which the hormonal balance in an animal organism changes. During this period the dog thinks that she expects the birth of puppies therefore in every possible way prepares for motherhood. The similar phenomenon can do harm to health of the alumna therefore the owner needs to know 10 signs of false pregnancy at dogs and the reason of its emergence.


Characteristic signs

As a rule, the behavior of a female at approach of false pregnancy cardinally changes. the Owner can notice such signs:

Timid Dog

Sick Dog

  • the dog becomes timid, nervous and irritable;
  • the body weight of the pet increases, the stomach is rounded;
  • temperature reaches 38.7 — 38.9 °C;
  • the appetite can vanish that, again appear;
  • in the morning nausea attacks, emetic desires can be observed;
  • the animal loses interest in earlier hobbies;
  • from genitals slime is emitted;
  • nipples bulk up, from them milk begins to flow (this phenomenon leads to development of mastitis);
  • the dog is prepared for childbirth, runs on the apartment, investigating its most remote corners, sits in boxes and baskets;
  • in the most hard cases there are false contractions.

of the Reason of false pregnancy

It is considered that this phenomenon is connected with natural "synchronization" which is observed by in pack . When females give birth to puppies at the same time or with a difference in several days, it becomes simpler to grow up posterity. Pregnancy of dogs at whom actually there did not come conception — the timeserving reaction lowering tension in pack .

Pregnant Dog

Such females produce the real milk which if necessary can bring up other puppies. The usual duration of this state — nine weeks from the moment of a techka.

of Prichina of false pregnancy can become and existence of new growths in genitals of an animal. At change of behavior of the alumna it is necessary to show her to the veterinarian.

the Ways allowing to calm a dog

Opinions of specialists in an occasion of whether intervention in process of false pregnancy is necessary, disperse. If the pathology symptoms expressed can calm an animal as follows:

The Dog Eats a Forage

  1. For decrease in secretion of milk it is necessary to limit the volume of the liquid consumed by a dog. Under a ban there are also all dairy products. The quantity of a dry feed, on the contrary, needs to be increased. At approach of slight dehydration secretion of milk will stop and it will become easier for the alumna.
  2. It is necessary to play more with an animal, to force it to run. The physical activity will distract it from thoughts of nonexistent cubs.
  3. It is necessary to take care of that the female did not contact to puppies. During this period she can react with to cubs inadequately .
it is important to

to remember that it is impossible to decant milk as it will only aggravate a situation.

Dog and Puppies

of Psevdoberemennost can come at any dog. The owner needs to show understanding and to take care of the alumna to avoid consequences of hormonal failure.

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