• Feb 8, 2019

Before getting a pet who will become the full member of family needs to get acquainted with the daily things necessary for normal existence of a fashionable dog. For the pet it is necessary to buy accessories which will be necessary for feeding, walking, a dream, care of wool and entertainment. However if there is no such opportunity, many accessories can be made own hands.

Fashionable Dogs

the Most necessary accessories

The Most Necessary Dog Accessories

First of all it is necessary to take care of where the friend having a tail will sleep and have a rest. For this purpose it is necessary to buy a stove bench and a laying and if the dog lives on the street — the box. Several pans of different volume will be necessary for water and a forage.

Further it is worth thinking of the organization of walks. To walk it will not turn out without lead and a collar. And when on the street it is cold, it is raining, and at an animal short wool, it is simple not to do without clothes.

And also to a canine friend will be necessary:

  • for leaving — a hairbrush, a brush, shampoo;
  • for transportation during the travel or a campaign to the veterinarian — a special bag or a basket, carrying;
  • for entertainment — various delicacies and toys in the form of stones, balls and other.

When choosing accessories is necessary individual approach as pets are different: with long and short wool; small and big; strongly becoming attached to the owner and independent.

Councils for the choice

Councils for the Choice of a Bowl for Dogs

Abundance of accessories for pets on counters of pet-shops is not surprising for a long time. Bowls alone so many that eyes run up.

The quality of a forage directly affects the state of health of an animal therefore it is important correct to pick up not only food, but also ware from which the canine friend will eat. On the purpose bowls are divided into capacities for water and for a forage. They have to meet the following requirements:

  • The correct height — ware has to be on breast levels.
  • Stability — not to turn over and not to slide on a floor.
  • Quality material and simplicity in washing — stainless steel, plastic, ceramics.

of Similar capacities is desirable to have a little — for natural products, a dry and damp feed, water.

Registration of the Place for a Dream and Rest of the Chetverony Friend

In the first and second year of life the dog intensively grows that is required to be considered when choosing a stove bench. Registration of the place for a dream and rest of the chetverony friend depends on his sizes. Large breeds will suit a laying in the form of a rug, a mattress or a flat pillow. Little pets will comfortably feel in a basket, a lodge, a cage or a container.

The box which is in the yard needs special registration too. In it to a dog it has to be cozy in the winter and in the summer. For this purpose in the fall in wooden construction heater in the form of sawdust, straw is poured or the mattress, a blanket is used. In the spring all superfluous cleans up.

Separate point among accessories — collars, breast-bands and leads. during acquisition of a collar should consider the following recommendations:

The Choice of a Breast-band for Dogs

  • easy and convenient;
  • existence of a fastener with a clamp;
  • antiflea properties;
  • a stock in 1−2 cm for adjustment of volume.

Breast-bands and leads are divided into walking, for run, for training. They are the different sizes. For small breeds it is worth choosing lungs, for big — strong. Walking in public places requires a muzzle to which it is worth accustoming an animal since the childhood.

Upon purchase of carrying is important existence of a strong framework and reliable latch. Among toys the rubber, sinewy stones, balls peeping and so on enjoy popularity. The main thing that they did not begin to be scattered.

of Means for bathing and leaving, clothes

Means for Bathing of Dogs

That the dog remained active, cheerful and healthy, it is necessary to look after her correctly and regularly. For this purpose it is necessary to bathe in due time the pet, to brush teeth and ears, to cut claws and to comb out wool.

When choosing means for bathing it is worth giving preference to those which are recommended for a certain breed. Upon purchase of medical cosmetics consultation of the veterinarian is required

Cleaning of ears and teeth and undercutting of nails is usually carried out time in 10−15 days. For this purpose cotton wool, a brush, special scissors is required.

Wool needs special attention. Leaving comes down to cleaning, trimming and comb-out. for this purpose should be bought:

Hairbrush for Dogs

  • Hairbrush and brush. Their variety is very high — differ with material, rigidity of a bristle, length of cloves.
  • The special cleaning mittens will be suitable for short wool. Their use replaces bathing.
  • Furminator is the tool which is used to comb-out in the period of a molt. It is absolutely safe for the pet as does not injure skin, deleting only the died-off hairs.
  • Tools for a hairstyle are scissors and tweezers.

cannot Get dog clothes too. On sale there are overalls, jackets and even footwear. The main thing — to select clothes convenient and for the size, from natural fabrics.

How to Turn the Pet into a Fashionable Dog

It is simple to turn the pet into a fashionable dog. However it is necessary to spend for all this fairly. the accessories made with own hands will help to Save . For example, as a collar it is possible to use an old leather belt. And a lead to connect or take dense fabric. As stove benches unnecessary rugs and mattresses can be applied. Toys are old nurseries, plastic bottles or a piece of a piece of wood. And if to include imagination, then and things can be sewed independently.

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