• Jan 31, 2019

to Researchers from the University of Nottingham managed to find out the reasons of fast falling of fertility of dogs — explained it with pollution of the nature. Not so long ago by scientists it was proved that for the last to steam of decades the spermoobrazovaniye at men worsened. The conducted research proved that environmental pollution negatively affects quality of sperm not only of dumb animals, but also the person.

Fast Falling of Fertility of Dogs Is Explained with Pollution of the Nature

of the Purpose and essence of experiments

Scientists from the university in Nottingham worked on experiments more than 26 years. As a result it was also succeeded to show that decline in quality of sperm concerns not only the person, but also dogs. About it it is in detail possible to read in article of the scientific publication Nature.

The Substances Polluting the Atmosphere Were Found in Dog Food

Researchers explained to

fast falling of fertility of dogs with pollution of the nature what one of authors of work — Richard Li told about. It told that the substances polluting the atmosphere were found in dog food, sperm and testicles.

The experimental period lasted more than 26 years. Every year researchers selected tests of sperm at 42−97 individuals of thoroughbred dogs who were brought up in nurseries of dogs assistants. After that authors of an experiment counted number of normal active spermatozoa. as a result it was succeeded to find the following:

  • The mobility of spermatozoa during the period from 1988 to 1998 decreased by 2.5%.
  • Delay of falling of activity of spermatozoa was observed during the period from 2002 to 2014 (1.2% annually).

As for the general indicator of falling of spermatozoidny mobility, it decreased in 26 years on a third .

Mobility of Spermatozoa

Also scientists found out the fact that the puppies who were born from males with low-quality sperm also suffer from reproductive insolvency. For example, they observe a kriptokhrizm (not omission of the right or left small egg). Also bad quality of sperm negatively affects population of puppies males.

the Pollutants found in food and testicles

In testicles of cables various pollutants of the nature were found. should be carried To number of those:

Toxic Connection — Diethyl Phthalate.

  • The most dangerous — the polychlorinated diphenyls (PHB) differing in firmness. Thanks to this property of connection were applied for decades as dielectric to transformer boxes, served as a component of various plastifikat. After detection of injuriousness of PHB its production was stopped. Despite it, the polychlorinated diphenyls still contain in air that comes true their firmness.
  • Also in food of animals toxic connection — diethyl phthalate was revealed.

Scientific did not manage to prove yet that PHB and diethyl phthalate have negative effect on quality of a spermoobrazovaniye.

The only thing that authors of an experiment managed to find out — the fact that pollutants reduce viability, integrity, activity of spermatozoa .

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