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FCI No. Standard 7 (12.03.1998)


Great Britain






Group 3. Terriers
Section 1. Large and average size terriers.

are not obligatory for

of Test of working qualities.

Standard Airdale

GENERAL VIEW : The largest of terriers, brawny, active, quite thickset dog, without hint on a vysokonogost or excessive prolixity of the case.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT : Sharp eyes, fast movements, always in impatient expectation. The character is shown in expression of eyes and a postava of ears and the raised tail. Always "on a horse", self-assured, friendly, courageous and clever. All the time alerted, not aggressive, but fearless.

HEAD : Proportional, without visible difference in length between a cranial part and a muzzle. Without wrinkles.

CRANIAL PART : A cranium long and flat, not too wide between ears and slightly narrowed to eyes.

Transition from a forehead to a muzzle: It is hardly noticeable.


Nose lobe: Black.

Muzzle: A muzzle wide in the basis, not hitched up and not sunk down under eyes, and refined outlines do not allow emergence of a klinoobraznost and simplicity.

Lips: Skintight.

Jaws and teeth: The upper and lower jaws deep, powerful, healthy and strong as the fortress of a muzzle is very desirable. Without the excess development of jaws giving to cheekbones a roundish or convex look as the skulastost is undesirable. Healthy teeth. And cost the Nozhnitseobrazny bite when upper teeth densely block lower perpendicular to jaws, it is preferable, but the kleshcheobrazny bite is admissible. Nedokus or having a snack are undesirable.

Cheekbones: Flat, deprived of completeness.

EYES : Dark color, small, not convex, full of teryery expression, insight and mind. Light or prominent eyes are very undesirable.

EARS : Trailing on a cartilage, triangular, keep on each side, small, but are proportional to growth of a dog. The top line of a fold of an ear insignificantly is higher than the level of cranial part. The trailing ears or ears put too highly are undesirable.

NECK : Dry, brawny, the average length and moderate thickness, gradually extending to shoulders, the podbrudka is deprived.


A back (from withers to jobbers): The short, strong, direct and equal, not showing weaknesses.

Waist: Brawny. At shortly - lumbar dogs with well developed false edges there is not enough space between the last edge and a hip. When the dog is stretched in a waist, some weakness will be shown.

Breast: Deep (i.e. approximately to the level of elbows), but not wide. Edges are well svodisty.

TAIL : It is put highly, keeps cheerfully, it is not twirled over a back. Strong and thorough. It is usually stopped. A tip approximately at one height with a nape.


FRONT PART: Front legs absolutely direct, with good frame.

Shoulders: Long, slanting. Flat shovels.

Lokotki: Are directed strictly back, move without hindrances.


Hips: Long and powerful.

Knees: Are well bent, are not turned neither inside, nor outside.

Shins: Brawny.

Insteps: Short, are parallel each other at survey behind.

PAWS : Small, roundish and compact, with the deep, well filled small pillows, fingers moderately svodisty, are not turned neither inside, nor outside.

MOVEMENTS : Extremities are taken out directly forward. Front legs move freely and parallel to the side planes. At approach of a dog front extremities have to form continuation of a straight line of the front, paws are from each other at the same distance, as elbows. Driving force is provided by hind legs.


WOOL: Rigid, dense and provolokoobrazny, not so long to look shaggy. Exactly and the skintight, covering the case and extremities awn rough, provolokoobrazny, rigid, an underfur is shorter and softer. The most rigid wool with a break either just slightly wavy curly or soft shirt is extremely undesirable.

COLOUR: A shabrack on the case black or gray, as well as top of a neck and the top surface of a tail. All other stat reddish-brown. Ears are often more dark reddish-brown, and shading can meet around a neck and on each side a cranial part. Several white hair between front extremities are admissible.

SIZE: Height about 58 - 61 cm (23 – 24 inches) for dogs taken from the top point of a shoulder for a bough about 56 - 59 cm (22 – 23 inches).

DEFECTS : Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be regarded as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.

NOTE: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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