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the Standard of breed the American bulldog of FCI (is not recognized) / 10.03.2011

of the USA
Group 2. Pinschers, schnauzers, molossa, mountain and Swiss skotogonny dogs
Section 2.2. Molossa.
Without working tests.
American Bulldog On a photo: American bulldogs
the American bulldog was removed as "a farmer dog" who was used for work on a farm. Also the bulldog was both a family member, and the bodyguard and the watchman at the same time.
the American bulldog — a dog of an average or is higher than average growth, strong, athletically and in proportion put. Wool cover short. Case length exceeds height in withers a little. The head is large, wide, deep in a cranial part. Muzzle short and wide. Ears are small, triangular shape, hanging on cartilages, not stopped. The tail is long, reaching a skakatelny joint. The American bulldog can never be confused with the American Staffordshire terrier, a pit bull terrier, or the Argentina mastiff.
constitution Type strong, with roughness elements, powerful strong frame and the developed muscles.
Sexual dimorphism is well expressed. Dogs of massivny, are larger by the size and kostisty than boughs. Boughs is less, but without weakness of addition and frame.
the Case of a little stretched format. Slanting length of a trunk cannot exceed height in withers more than for 8% (the index of a format). The index of prolixity — 103 - 108%
of a thorax is approximately equal to a half of height in withers.
a neck Grasp in the middle, is approximately equal to a skull grasp, length of a neck should not be shorter than head length.
muzzle Length is also no more than 7 cm from 25% to 35% of the total length of the head.
the Combination of vigilance, courage and mind, an otkhodchivost and friendliness in relation to the owner and family members, vigor, mobility. Desire of superiority (prepotent behavior) in relation to other dogs and some distrustfulness to strangers is admissible. The American bulldog can be both the partner and a working dog.
Cowardice — a dog is considered excessively coward in case she does not give itself to examine to the judge, is afraid of approach behind, is strongly frightened unexpected and unusual sounds. The adult (from 1.5 years) the American bulldog who put the tail between the legs and shivering in a ring also has to guard the judge.
Aggression — a dog who attacks or tries to attack unprovoked the judge or the handler is excessively aggressive.
the Aggressive spirit in relation to other dogs is not considered the disqualifying sign.
Large, massive, proportional to the case, deep in a cranial part with a short muzzle.
Skull: Volume, wide, and slightly roundish rather high, slightly flattened forehead. The occipital hillock is moderately expressed.
Stop: Deep, it is well expressed
Nose lobe: Large with wide, open nostrils. Color of a lobe black, brown is allowed, depending on a color.
Muzzle: Short, deep and wide at the basis, moderately filled under eyes, with accurate transition from a forehead to a muzzle. The nose back wide, direct is slightly narrowed towards a nose lobe. The glabellar furrow is brightly expressed. Muzzle width under eyes has to be, approximately, equal to a half of width of a cranial part. Nadbrovny arches are moderately expressed.
Lips: Dense, moderately crude, but not loose-hanging. The first line of an upper lip is closed with a first line of a lower lip. The black pigment is preferable, brown – it is allowed. The small depigmented sites are allowed (aged up to 15 months).
Cheekbones: With strong muscles, well developed, roundish.
Jaws: Jaws wide, the lower jaw, with the expressed massive chin. Bite forms — dense having a snack, having a snack with withdrawal (teeth should not be visible at the closed mouth).
Teeth: Teeth strong and healthy (without signs of a disease). Cutters are whenever possible located to one line, canines large and widely placed. The absence to the 2 first premolyar is allowed. Are not fined for the broken and worn-out teeth of a dog if it does not prevent definition of a bite. At the closed mouth cutters and canines of the lower jaw should not be visible, language should not be visible. Preference is given to larger teeth.
Eyes: Roundish, small, not convex and not too deeply put, widely placed. Are put directly. Eyelids are skintight, not drooped. At survey in front of a squirrel should not be visible. Eyes should not have noticeable eye problems.
Color of eyes: From dark brown to light — nut, more preferably, as much as possible dark, lighter eyes – are allowed. Eyes have to be brilliant, have live and vigorous expression. Eyelids are pigmented, the full inking, skintight is desirable. The small depigmented sites, aged up to 24 months are allowed
Ears: Hanging on a cartilage, strong in the bases, which supports an ear on the line of a forehead (highly put). The average size, should not be longer, than distance from the ear basis to an external corner of an eye. A shape of an ear triangular with the roundish end. Ears can be or in the form of "rose", or adjoin to the head in shape "envelope".
Powerful, brawny. Neck posts to the line of top at an angle 45 degrees. The nape is well expressed. The small suspension is admissible. Length of a neck should not be less head, from a nose tip to an occipital hillock.
Line of top : almost direct, slightly convex in a waist. At puppies and juniors the small vysokozadost is admissible.
Withers: it is Well expressed.
Back: Strong, direct, wide and brawny.
Waist: Strong, elastic, slightly convex.
Croup: Slightly inclined, roundish and wide, with the developed massive muscles.
Breast: Wide and deep, reaching elbows. A front part of a breast is well developed, форбруст is expressed.
Edges: Edges well curved, roundish, not flat. It is desirable long false edges.
Line of a bottom: Smooth, moderately improved in inguinal area. The belt which is moderately tightened, not loose-hanging is also picked not sharply up.
Thick at the basis, is smoothly narrowed by the end. It is rather low put. It is desirable that the tail reached skakatelny joints. The tail has to be direct without breaks. In the movement rushes at the level of a back, it can smoothly be bent not the end.
General view: At survey in front direct and parallel among themselves with good volume frame, a wide postav. The distance between front extremities has to be much more, than between back.
Shovels: Slantwise directed, with massive relief muscles.
Shoulders: Wide with massive relief muscles. Plechelopatochny corner no more than 100 degrees. Should not be very short and direct.
Elbows: Are directed strictly back.
Forearms: Straight lines without curvatures, wide with a massive bone and the developed muscles, steep and parallel among themselves.
Wrists: Wide and strong.
Pyasti: Rather short, strong and volume, at a look sideways can be a little inclined. At a look in front direct and strong.
Forepaws: Forepaws roundish strong with the compressed short fingers. Small pillows of paws are well developed also elastic. Hinder legs have a little more extended form.
General view: With well developed, powerful, strong, relief muscles. At survey behind — equal, parallel. Corners of back extremities are moderately expressed.
Hips: Moderately long and wide, with the developed muscles.
Shins: Not long, wide with the developed muscles.
Skakatelny joints: Strong, dry, are moderately expressed.
Insteps: Wide, are put vertically to the earth.
Hinder legs: Svodistye, slightly already more long than lobbies.
Coordinated, powerful, elastic. Characteristic pace: free, not creeping lynx.
Moderately thick, densely tense or forming folds in a neck and the head.
Wool short, no more than 1.5 cm long, skintight and brilliant.
White, white and tiger, white and red, tiger.
: purely white or with spots of admissible flowers — tiger or red.
White and tiger
: white with considerable spots of any admissible color, or color with extensive sites of white.
White and red
: from dark-red, to light pale-yellow.
Tiger or is red - tiger: from very dark, with red or pale-yellow strips, to light, with rare dark tigroviny on lighter, red background. The brown and tiger color is allowed: brown tigrovina on lighter, red or pale-yellow background. At a brown tiger color the brown pigment of a nose and lips is allowed.
Preference is given to brighter and saturated shades.
Color dogs have to have considerable sites of white color, not less than 1/3.
the Certain pigmented sites of skin do not reckon with the wool decoloured over them as a shortcoming.
Height in withers: Dogs of 58 — 68 cm (preferably 63 — 65 cm). Boughs of 55 — 65 cm (preferably 58 — 60 cm).
Weight: the Desirable weight of a mature dog is ranging from 45 to 60 kg. Desirable weight mature a bough within 35 – 50 kg.
Any deviation from the above-stated characteristics in the standard has to be considered as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.
  • Some ease of addition peculiar only to young dogs.
  • the Insignificant depigmented sites of a nose.
  • the Nonlinear arrangement of teeth, small teeth injured as a result of a disease teeth.
  • Ears semi-standing on cartilages, heavy, thick, inertly keeping.
  • Highly put tail.
  • Too short tail (to a knee joint)
  • Not the balanced movements, the weak push of back extremities tripping a step, an amble on a lynx.
  • Shyness, timidity.
  • the Muzzle long, wedge-shaped, strongly made narrower to a nose.
  • Grey lobe of a nose.
  • Too prominent eyes with the convex cornea which is not covered for centuries, the developed conjunctiva, the crude drooped eyelids
  • Grey, yellow or green eyes, different color of eyes, uneven coloring of an eye, total absence of pigmentation of a century.
  • Direct bite.
  • Too big and low put ears.
  • the Pro-hanging, humpbacked or narrow back failed or a humpbacked waist, a sloping croup, a narrow basin, a narrow, flat, barrel-shaped breast, a pendulous belly
  • Razmet, a clubfoot, a forearm curvature, an insufficient plechelopatochny joint (120 degrees and more), narrow posts, the elbows twisted outside or inside, too free elbows, soft пясть, the flat or dismissed paw.
  • Weak muscles, narrow hips, too stupid or too acute angles of joints, barrel-shaped posts, the pulled together and weak skakatelny joints which are twisted outside at the movement knee joints, a sablistost.
  • the Hall of a tail, the tail which is thrown back on a back, a tail by a corkscrew, the stopped tail.
  • Tikovaya an ispeshchrennost — specks (the numerous small spots covering everything white sites). A blue tiger color — on a red background gray (blue) tigrovina.
  • Full black mask. Tiger or red colors, without sites white, or with very small sites of white color.
  • the Weight of a mature dog is less than 35 kg, weight mature boughs less than 27 kg.
  • Excessive cowardice or aggression.
  • Blindness and deafness
  • Blue eyes (one or both) in combination with any color
  • Squint, asymmetry of eyes, entropy and ektropiya century
  • the Expressed недокус, nozhnitseobrazny bite.
  • Absence more than 2 front premolyar, the warped line of cutters, at the closed mouth teeth of the lower jaw are visible.
  • Considerable distortion, or asymmetry of a jaw
  • Strongly pulled together skakatelny joints (korovina)
  • Long, wavy wool
  • the Full black mask, completely black, blue and also black and subdead, skewbald with black spots without tigrovost, a tricolor and marble colors.
  • Unilateral or bilateral kriptorkhizm.
Any dog who is obviously showing physical or behavioural deviations has to be disqualified.
Note: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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