• Dec 10, 2019

Standard of breed basset hound of FCI No. 163

Great Britain
Group 6. Hounds and related to them breeds.
Section 1.3. Small hounds.
With tests of working qualities.
Basset Hound at an Exhibition On a photo: asset-haund at an exhibition
the GENERAL VIEW: The short-legged hound of massive addition, well balanced, executed advantages.
BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: A viscous hound of ancient origin which hunts by means of the lower intuition, possessing a gregarious instinct and a strong melodious voice, capable with huge endurance to work in the field. Peaceful, never aggressive and not coward. Affectionate.
HEAD: Lines of a forehead and a muzzle are almost parallel. The muzzle is not much longer than a cranium. There can be a moderate quantity of wrinkles about eyes and eyebrows. Anyway head skin is rather free considerably to wrinkle at tension forward or lowering of the head.
CRANIUM: The skull is convex, with the acting occipital bone, moderately wide in eyebrows and slightly narrowed to a muzzle.
Transition from a forehead to a muzzle: Moderate.
nose Lobe: Absolutely black, excepting the light-painted dogs when the brown or clarified nose lobe is possible. The large and well opened nostrils, a lobe of a nose can act a little forward.
Muzzle: General view of shchipets narrow, but not easy.
of the Lip: Brylyasty upper lips significantly block lower lips.
of the Jaw and teeth: Jaws are strong, with perfect, correct and completely nozhnitseobrazny bite, i.e. the top cutters densely block lower and stand perpendicular to jaws.
of an EYE: Diamond-shaped, neither convex, nor profound, dark, but can be average-brown tone at the light-painted dogs. Look quiet and serious. The conjunctiva of a lower eyelid is visible, though is not excessive. Light or yellow eyes are extremely undesirable.
EARS: Are low put, lines of eyes are lower. The long muzzles coming for the end – the correct length, but also it is not excessive. Narrow on all length and twisted in a tubule very elastic, thin and velvet on structure.
NECK: Brawny, convex and quite long, with the expressed, but not exaggerated suspension.
BLOCK: Height, stretched and deep on all length, and height in a sacrum are approximately equal in withers.
Back: Horizontal and quite wide. From withers to jobbers not excessively long.
Waist: Can be slightly convex.
Breast: A front part of a breast at survey in front accurately fits into bends of extremities. The breast acts, but a breast not narrow and not excessively deep. Edges bochkovaty and elastic, not sticking out, are taken away back.
TAIL: It is well put, quite long, strong in the basis, narrowed, with moderate amount of wool on a bottom side. In the movement rutting keeps up and is poorly bent, acinaciform, rigid and elastic, never twirled.
FRONT PART: Front legs short, massive, with powerful frame. Wrinkled skin on the lower part of legs.
Shoulders: Shovels the slanting shoulders which are not burdened.
of the Forearm: Slightly approach from top to down, but not so that to hinder the free movements, and not allowing legs to concern each other neither in a rack, nor in the movement.
: Kozinets is extremely undesirable.
BACK PART: It is filled with muscles, the long croup has almost spherical effect at survey behind. Wrinkles on instep skin, and behind a skakatelny joint – an easy fold as a result of free skin can be shown.
Knees: With well expressed corners of joints.
of the Instep: Short are also slightly inclined under a dog, but not inside and not outside, and are only substituted in a natural rack.
of the PAW: Massive, svodisty and with the developed small pillows. Forepaws can be directed directly forward or in an insignificant razmyot, but anyway the dog costs always perfectly, weight is evenly supported by fingertips so that the paw left a print of a large hound, and there would be no sites of a paw out of small pillows which contact to the Earth's surface.
of the MOVEMENT: Are very important. Smooth, free movements, with a good vymakh of lobbies and a powerful push of back extremities the dog moves equally correctly. Skakatelny joints and knees are never tied in the movement, no fingers should trudge on the ground.
WOOL: Smooth, short and dense, not too fine hair. In general the shape accurate is also deprived of tows. The Dlinnoshyorstnost, not adjacent wool with tows are extremely undesirable.
COLOUR: Usually three-colored – black-and-white in blush two-color – it is red - the white but recognized at hounds any color is admissible.
Height in withers: 33-38 cm (13-15 inches).
DEFECTS: Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be considered as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.
NOTE: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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