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FCI Standard of breed beagle No. 161 (24.07.2000)


Great Britain






Group 6. Hound
Section 1.3. Small hounds.


With tests of working qualities.

Dog of Breed Beagle of a Photo
On a photo: beagle
GENERAL VIEW: The strong hound of compact addition making an impression of some roughness.
BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: A fervent hound, whose main function – hunting, mainly on a hare, by means of the lower intuition. Courageous, with huge energy, endurance and determination. Vigilant, clever and balanced. The friendly and attentive, not showing aggressions or cowardice.
HEAD: Average length, massive without roughness, is more graceful at a bough, it is deprived of a nakhmurennost and rugosities.
CRANIUM: The skull is slightly convex, moderately wide, with an easy crest.
Transition from a forehead to a muzzle: It is well expressed, is whenever possible at identical distance both from an occipital hillock, and from a nose lobe tip.
nose Lobe: The large, preferably black, but weakened pigmentation is admissible at the light-painted dogs. Nostrils are well opened.
Muzzle: Hard.
of the Lip: Moderately brylyasty.
of the Jaw and teeth: Jaws have to be strong, with perfect, correct and completely nozhnitseobrazny bite, i.e. the top cutters densely block lower and stand perpendicular to jaws.
of an EYE: Dark brown or colors of hazelnut, moderately large, not profound and not convex, are widely put, with a mild, pleading look.
EARS: Long, with the roundish ends, the nose lobes which are almost reaching a tip when pulling. Are low put, thin, trailing, elegantly adjoin cheekbones.
NECK: Rather long to allow a hound it is easy to use the lower intuition, slightly svodisty, showing an insignificant suspension.
Line of top: Direct and horizontal.
of the Groin: Short, with good balance. Waist powerful and flexible.
Breast: It is lowered below elbows. Edges convex are also taken away back.
Stomach: Without excessive podobrannost.
TAIL: Strong, average length. It is highly put, keeps fervently, but it is not twirled over a back and not inclined from the basis forward. It is well covered with wool, especially on a bottom side.
FRONT PART: Front legs direct and steeply put, with a massive round bone, not narrowed to paws.
Shoulders: Slanting, not loaded.
: Strong, are not substituted, are not turned out. Height in an elbow is about a half of height in withers.
: Short.
Hips: Brawny.
Knees: With well expressed corners of joints.
Skakatelny joints: Strong, insteps short are also parallel each other.
of the PAW: In a lump, strong. Svodistye, with well developed small pillows. Not rusach. Short claws.
of the MOVEMENT: The back is equal, strong, without signs of fluctuations. Free movements. The wide step of front extremities is rectilinear, without ejection of paws up, movements should not be getting or braided. Back extremities show a push, should not be put narrowly.
WOOL: Short, dense and steady against bad weather.
COLOUR: Any, recognized at hounds, a color, except brown. End of a tail white.
Desirable minimum height in withers of 33 cm (13 inches).
Desirable maximum height in withers of 40 cm (16 inches).
DEFECTS: Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be considered as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.
NOTE: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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