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FCI Standard of breed bull terrier No. 11 (02.02.1998)

ORIGIN Great Britain
Section 3. Terriers of bulldog's type.

Without tests of working qualities.

GENERAL VIEW: Sturdily-build, brawny, harmonious and active, with acute, resolute and clever expression. Feature of breed is the ovoid head with the lowered muzzle. Irrespective of the size dogs have to look courageous, and boughs womanly.

Standard of a Bull Terrier of a Photo On a photo: dog of breed bull terrier

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: A bull terrier — the gladiator of the dog tribe full of enthusiasm and brave. Balanced temperament and submitting to discipline. Though stubborn, he is very kind with people.

HEAD: Muzzles, long, strong and deep till the end, but not rough. At survey in front the ovoid and absolutely filled, its surface is deprived of any dents. The profile is softly bent from a nape to a nose lobe tip down.

CRANIAL PART: The top part of a cranium almost flat between ears.


Nose lobe: Has to be black. It is bent down on the end. Nostrils are well developed.

Lips: Dry, skintight.

Jaws and teeth: Lower jaw deep and strong. Teeth are healthy, clean, strong, the good size, are correctly located, with perfect, correct and completely nozhnitseobrazny bite, i.e. upper teeth completely block the lower teeth and stand perpendicular to jaws.

EYES: Seem narrow, in a slanting section, triangular, are deeply put, black or as far as possible dark brown to seem almost black, with the penetrating sparkling. The distance from a nose lobe tip to eyes is much more than a distance from eyes to a nape. Blue or partially blue eyes are undesirable.

EARS: Small, thin are also put closely to each other. The dog has to be able to discipline their standing when they are directed directly up.

NECK: Very brawny, long, svodisty, extending from the head to shoulders, with the tense skin.

BLOCK: Quite roundish with considerably convex edges and a deep water from withers to a breast that the last was closer to the earth, than a stomach.

A back (from withers to jobbers): Short, strong, the line of a back behind withers equal, in a waist svodisty or slightly convex.

Standard of Breed Bull Terrier

Waist: Wide, brawny.

Breast: Wide at survey in front.

Line of a bottom: Forms an elegant bend up from a breast to a stomach.

TAIL: Short, it is low put, keeps horizontally. Thick in the basis, it is narrowed by the thin end.


FRONT PART: Front legs have the strongest roundish frame, are absolutely parallel a dog has to look on them thoroughly. At adult dogs length of front legs has to be approximately equal to breast depth.

Shoulders: Strong and brawny without load. Shovels are wide, flat and are densely attached to a thorax, have very sharply expressed inclination of a first line from below up, forming almost correct corner with a humeral bone.

Lokotki: Are directed strictly back.

Pyasti: Vertical.

BACK PART: Hind legs are parallel at survey behind.

Hips: Brawny.

Knees: With well expressed corners of joints.

Shins: Are well developed.

Skakatelny joints: With good corners of joints.

Insteps: Short and strong.

PAWS: Roundish, in a lump, with well svodisty fingers.

MOVEMENTS: In the movement the bull terrier looks accurate, evenly covering space with free, easy steps with a typical negligent and free look. On a lynx of the movement of back and front extremities are parallel, only at increase in speed of a paw approach the average line. Good carrying out of front legs, and the movement of back extremities smooth in coxofemoral and flexible in knee and skakatelny joints, with a strong push.

SKIN: Densely adjoins.


WOOL: Short, smooth, uniform and rigid to the touch, brilliant. Soft structure the underfur can appear in the winter.

COLOUR: At white dogs purely white shirt. Pigmentation of skin and a spot on the head are not punished. At color the painted part prevails with other things being equal tiger dogs more preferably. Are allowed black with tiger subdead, red, murugy and three-colored. The specks on white wool are undesirable. Blue and brown colors are extremely undesirable.

SIZE: There are no restrictions neither in weight, nor in growth, but there has to be an impression of the maximum massiveness for this size, consistent with standard and sex.

DEFECTS: Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be regarded as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.

NOTE: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.


The standard of a bull terrier tiny same, as at a bull terrier, except for the following:

SIZE: Growth should not exceed 35.5 cm (14 inches). There has to be a massiveness impression for this size. There is no restriction in weight. The dog has to be always balanced.

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