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Little security dog and dog partner


Group 9. Dogs partners
Section 3. Small Belgian dogs


Without working tests.


All three breeds (The Bruxelles Griffon, the Belgian Griffon and Small Brabanson) occur from the little wire-haired dog called by "Smousje" which throughout centuries met near Brussels. In the 19th century by crossing of these dogs with Ruby King Charles Spaniels and Pugs received modern pedigree type with short black wool. These little dogs are very vigilant, and bred them, generally for protection of crews and with the purpose to prevent penetration into stables of rodents. In 1883 the first Bruxelles Griffons were registered in L.O.S.H. (Belgian Breeding Book). Dogs were called Topsy L.O.S.H. No. 163 and Foxine L.O.S.H. No. 164. By 1900 this breed, along with the others became very popular thanks to interest which was shown to it by the queen of Belgium Maria-Henriette. The large number of individuals was taken out abroad that promoted fast distribution of breed and its popularity.

GENERAL VIEW: the Little dog partner clever, well balanced, vigilant, having self-respect, strong, almost square format, with good frame, but in too time, elegant in the movement both on the constitution, and with almost human expression that cannot but attract attention. Both Griffons are wire-haired dogs and differ on colors whereas Small Brabanson is a short-haired dog.

NECESSARY IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: case Length from a shoulder to sciatic hillocks has to correspond as much as possible to height of a dog in withers.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Well balanced little dog, vigilant, having self-respect, very devoted to the owner, very alerted. Not shy and not aggressive.

HEAD : Most characteristic of breed and the most outstanding. The head rather large in comparison with the case and with almost human expression. Wool at Griffons rigid, direct and tousled it longer around eyes, cheekbones and on a chin.

AREA of the SKULL: the Skull wide and roundish with a convex forehead. Stop (transition from a forehead to a muzzle): It is accurately expressed.

Nose: Black, wide, with widely open nostrils. It is located flush with eyes. The tip of a nose is rejected back in such a way that at a side view the nose and a forehead are in one plane.

Muzzle: Very short, and on length should not exceed 1.5 cm. As for Small Brabanson, his muzzle seems more long as on it there is no longer wool. Not hitched up muzzle, in cases when the top line of a nose is located below the line of eyes, is a serious shortcoming.

of the Lip: Black, skintight to each other. The upper lip not loose-hanging, and it covers lower. If the upper lip too loose-hanging, then it spoils desirable expression.
Jaws/teeth: The lower jaw is bent up, wide, not peaked and supporting the upper jaw having a snack. Cutters on each jaw have to be located, forming a straight line and so that top and lower were located in parallel each other. The mouth has to be densely closed, and teeth and language should not be seen. Width and an outstanding part of a chin is very important. Due attention has to be paid to that all cutters were in a set.
of an Eye: Widely placed, big, round, not convex. Brown, but as much as possible dark. Eyes at the edges have to be black, and it is desirable that proteins were not visible. Shortcomings are small, oval or light eyes.
Ears: Small, highly put and with sufficient distance between them. Not stopped ears semi-standing also hang down forward. Too large ears are not undesirable, also as well as the ears which are hanging down on lateral face of the head. The stopped ears peaked and standing. The stopped and not stopped ears equally are allowed.
NECK: Average length, harmoniously combined with shoulders.
CASE: Length of the case is almost identical to height in withers that makes an impression of a little, powerful dog with a square format.
Withers: Slightly raised.
Back: Direct, short, strong.
Waist: Short, brawny and only slightly convex.
of Grain: Wide, direct and only slightly sloping.
Breast: Wide, well lowered to elbows. The breast is accurately expressed that at a side view makes an impression of the breast which is slightly given forward. Edges are well spruzhinenny, but not barrel-shaped and not flat.
Line of a bottom: The belt which is slightly tightened. The line of a groin is accurately expressed.
TAIL: Highly put and lifted up. The tail is stopped at the level of two thirds of length. Not stopped tail is directed up. The tip of a tail is directed towards a back, but should not concern or twist it. A serious shortcoming is the short, broken or twirled tail.
General view: Front extremities are located in parallel each other, with good frame and are rather widely placed.
Shoulders: Normal corners of front extremities.
Elbows: Are located close to the case.
of the Wrist: Strong.
of the Paw: Small, round, not turned out outside or inside.
Fingers are densely compressed. The spliced fingers are undesirable. Small pillows thick and as much as possible dark. Claws have to be black, or as much as possible dark.
General view: Back extremities are located in parallel each other, with good frame. Corners of back extremities are balanced with lobbies.
Knee joint (knee): Sufficient corners of knee joints. Skakatelny joints: Strongly lowered with normal on point duty.
of the Paw: See. Front extremities. Pribyly fingers on hinder legs are undesirable.
of the MOVEMENT: the Powerful, parallel movements of extremities with good pushes of back. Movements with high raising of front extremities and an amble are shortcomings.
Wool cover: The Bruxelles and Belgian Griffons it is wire-haired dogs with an underfur. Wool rigid, slightly wavy and not curly which should be trimmed. To estimate structure of wool, it has to be sufficient length. Too long wool which spoils a general view is undesirable. Silky or curly wool is a serious shortcoming. Small Brabanson is a short-haired dog with rigid, direct and brilliant wool which length is, on (the most part, about 2 cm
Moustaches and beard: Moustaches and a beard at Griffons begin under eyes and from an ear to an ear, covering a muzzle and cheekbones with dense wool which is longer, than wool on other parts of a body. Over eyes wool has to be longer, than wool on other parts of the head, forming eyebrows.
Bruxelles Griffon: Red, reddish, a small amount black is allowed on moustaches and a beard.
Belgian Griffon: Black and black and subdead. Subdead marks have to be such color. They are located in front on front extremities from paws to wrists and on back extremities from paws to skakatelny joints. They also meet on inside of extremities, on a breast, on cheekbones, on a chin, over eyes, on inside of ears, under a tail and around an anus. Mix of a black color meets with it is red - brown that is allowed, but black or black and subdead colors it is more preferable.
Small Brabanson: The same colors which are allowed at Griffons. Has a dark mask. Presence gray or a gray hair on a mask at old dogs is not a shortcoming.
For all three breeds a small amount of white hair on a breast is undesirable, but it is allowed.
Varies from 3.5 to 6 kg.
DEFECTS: Any derogation from the above-stated points has to be regarded as defect. The gravity of the attitude towards defect has to be proportional to its degree.
the Defects leading to disqualification:
Temperament: aggression or excessive shyness.
Lack of pigmentation on a nose. Any other pigmentation except black.
Visible language at the closed mouth.
Curve lower jaw.
Upper jaw which is given over lower.
Any other colors except those that are described in the Standard, such as gray, blue and subdead, brown and subdead, liverny.
Any white spots.
the Dog who is obviously showing physical or mental deviations has to be disqualified.
of N.B.: Dogs have to have two normal testicles which completely fell to a scrotum.

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