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курцхар costs in the field in photo sunshine

On a photo: курцхаар

FCI Standard of breed курцхаар No. 119/25.04.2001






Versatile hunting dog


Group 7. Cops of a dog
Section 1.1. Continental cops of a dog like "marriage".


With working tests.


History of the German short-haired pointers of dogs begins with dogs who were used for hunting with networks for a feathery game, especially in the countries of the Mediterranean, and in a combination with hunting birds falcons. Through Spain, France and Flanders cops got to Germany. The ability to specify a game was the most important distinctive feature of these dogs. After creation of the first double-barreled guns (1750) cops of a dog became even more demanded. In the face of a dog a game shot on the fly. It was the beginning of transformation from a gun dog to a multidimensional hunting dog. As a fundamental basis of structure and development of breed since 1897 "The breeding book of the German kurtskhaar" is published. Prince Albrecht Solms-Braunfeld aggregated characteristics of breed, the rule of its refereeing, and, at last, bases of rules of working tests of hunting breeds of dog. Today the German short-haired pointer passes through selection of the developed rules on cultivation and working qualities to this day. The standard stipulates such addition of the German short-haired pointer as a universal hunting dog which will allow it to fulfill all requirements connected with hunting activity even if it aged.


A dog of the noble balanced appearance which structure emphasizes force, endurance and speed. The pride bearing, smooth lines, the dry head, correctly borne tail, rigid brilliant wool and harmonious movements with a long step emphasize nobility.


Length of the case has to surpass a little height in withers.


Resistant, balanced, reliable, reserved temperament, not nervous, not shy and not aggressive.


Dry, well outlined, not too easy and not too heavy, force and length of the head has to correspond to substance and a sex of a dog.


Skull: moderately wide, flat, but it is slightly rounded, hardly expressed occipital hillock, a frontal furrow it is not too expressed, nadbrovny arches considerably developed.

Stop: moderately expressed.


Nose: a little acting. Nostrils rather wide and mobile. Generally brown, but can be black at black or black-roan dogs. The corporal or partially not painted over nose is resolved only at dogs with the main white color.

Muzzle: long, wide, deep and strong to provide the correct ponoska of a game. At survey from outside the back of a nose is slightly bent, from a noble design of a "mutton" nose to an insignificant small hump – is more expressed at dogs. Absolutely direct back of a nose, though is acceptable, not so attractive. A concave back of a nose — a serious shortcoming.

Lips: skintight, not redeveloped, well pigmented. The nasolabial mirror is inclined almost vertically and then passes into a flat arch of moderately expressed lip pocket.

Jaws and teeth: strong jaws with a full correct nozhnitseobrazny bite. Upper teeth densely adjoin to lower without gap, teeth have to be located in a jaw vertically. 42 strong teeth according to a tooth formula.

Cheekbones: strong, well obmuskulenny.

Eyes: the average size, not convex and not deeply put. Ideal color – dark brown. Eyelids densely adjoin.

Ears: average length, are put highly and widely, flat, without twisting, hang down, densely adjoining to the head, with a stupid curve on the ends. Not too fleshy and not too thin. Delayed forward reach approximately a lip pocket.


Length is harmonious in general with appearance of a dog, gradually thickened towards the case. Very brawny, with slightly expressed nape. On a throat the skin densely adjoins.


Line of top: the straight line which is slightly falling.

Withers: it is well expressed.

Back: strong and brawny. Vertebras have to be covered with muscles.

Waist: short, wide, brawny, direct or slightly convex. Transition from a back to a waist strong and well linked.

Croup: wide and rather long, without sharp skoshennost, but slightly inclined to a tail, well obmuskulenny.

Breast: in depth it is more than in width, with well expressed front part, with the breast stretching back as it is possible further. A breast and elbows at one level. Edges are well bent, never flat and not barrel-shaped. False edges long.

Line of a bottom: with an elegant bend, it is slightly tightened to back extremities, dry.


It is put highly, strong at the basis, narrowed, average length. It is approximately half stopped for the hunting purposes. At rest keeps below, in the movement it is horizontal, never rushes highly over a back or it is excessively bent. (In the countries where knocking over of tails is prohibited by the law, the tail remains in a natural look. Has to reach skakatelny joints, keeps to straight lines or sablevidno bent).



General view: at survey in front direct and parallel, at survey sideways legs strongly stand under the case.

Shovels: shovels well inclined, skintight to a thorax, perfectly obmuskulenny. Forms a good corner with a humeral bone.

Humeral bone: the longest, with well developed, clean muscles.

Elbows: are densely pressed to the case, are not turned out neither inside, nor outside, look back.

Forearms: direct, well obmuskulenny. The bone is strong, but not too rough.

Wrist: strong.

Пясть: never steep, the minimum corner between пястью and a forearm.

Forepaw: from round to an oval form with well collected and svodisty fingers. Strong claws. Thick elastic small pillows. Paws stand in parallel, are never twisted neither inside, nor outside, both in a rack, and in the movement.


General view: at survey behind direct and parallel. With a good corner of a knee and skakatelny joint. Strong frame.

Hip: long, wide, brawny, with a good corner between a basin and a hip.

Knee: strong, with a good corner between a hip and a shin.

Shin: long, brawny and with relief sinews. A good corner between a shin and an instep.

Skakatelny joint: strong.

Insteps: strong, vertical.

Hinder legs: from round to an oval form with well collected and svodisty fingers. Strong claws. Thick elastic small pillows. Paws stand in parallel, are never twisted neither inside, nor outside, both in a rack, and in the movement.


A wide step, with a vigorous message from back extremities and the adequate length of a step of front extremities. Front and hind legs move directly and in parallel. The dog moves proudly. The amble is undesirable.


Dense, well adjacent, without folds.



Short and dense, rigid to the touch. A little more softly and well on the head and ears, on the lower part of a tail without noticeable oblongness. Has to cover all body.


— Completely brown, without marks.

— Brown with a small white spot or specks on a breast and legs.

— Dark brown roan, with the brown head, brown spots or specks. The main color of such dogs not brown with white spots or white with brown spots, and identical presence of mix brown and white which results in that imperceptible appearance of a dog, such valuable in real hunting. On inside of back extremities and also on a tail tip a color lighter.

— Light brown roan, with the brown head, brown spots, specks or without spots. At such color brown strands of wood are more rare, white – prevail.

— White with brown spots on the head, brown spots or specks.

— A black color with the same nuances, as well as brown, according to brown-roan colors.

— Marks of yellow fell are resolved.

— A white spot on a forehead, specks and speckled bryl are resolved.


Height in withers: dogs of 62 — 66 cm, boughs of 58 — 63 cm


Any deviation from the described characteristics has to be regarded as a shortcoming, and gravity — according to deviation degree.

— Appearance shortcomings, discrepancy to type or floor.

— Too short muzzle.

— Bryli too heavy or insufficiently developed.

— Lack no more than two teeth from 4 PM1 and 2 M3.

— Too light eyes. Yellowish eyes of "bird of prey".

— Ears are too long, too short, too heavy, put too narrowly or twisted.

— Suspension.

— Little humpbacked back.

— Croup too short.

— The breast is too deep.

— A tail strongly curved or borne it is too high over a back.

— The elbows twisted inside or outside. The paws developed inside or outside. The front extremities put narrowly or widely.

— The straightened back extremities.

— An insignificant clubfoot, "korovina" or the pulled together skakatelny.


— Awkwardness, roughness, ponderousness of the building.

— Sharp stop.

— The corporal painted or partially not painted over nose lobe (except cases, when the main color white).

— The pointed muzzle, a concave back of a nose.

— The Kleshcheobrazny bite or partial "pincers" (for dogs 4 years are more senior the so-called kleshcheobrazny bite does not influence assessment if at the previous exhibition there was the correct bite and this fact Kurtskhaar Klubom is testified "by German")

— Strongly humpbacked back, little soft back.

— Considerable shortage of depth of a breast. Badly developed front part of a breast. Edges too flat or barrel-shaped.

— The elbows which are strongly twisted inside or outside.

— Weak pyast.

— Absolutely steep pyast.

— Strongly expressed clubfoot or a korovina, both in a rack, and in the movement.

— Excessive corners of back extremities.

— Flat paws.

— The dismissed fingers.

— Clumsy movements.

— Deviations more than 2 cm from this height in withers.


— Aggression or cowardice.

— Rough deviations in sexual dimorphism.

— Absence more than two teeth from a combination 4PM1 and 2M3. Lack of one or more teeth except PM1 and M3. The absent teeth have to be regarded as absent initially, except for cases if at the previous exhibition or test they were and this fact is testified "By German курцхаар club".

— Nedokus and having a snack, distortion and all intermediate states.

— Any additional teeth which are going beyond a tooth arch.

— Wolf mouth and cleft lip.

— Very loose-hanging eyelids, ektropiya, entropy, double number of eyelashes.

— Very soft back, defects of a backbone.

— Any underdevelopment of a breast, for example "the torn-off breast" (the short breast which is suddenly interrupted in the belly line).

— Pribyly fingers with a bone basis or without it.

— Temperament problems.

Any dog with physical or mental deviations has to be disqualified.

Note: dogs have to have two normally developed testicles lowered in a scrotum.

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