• Jan 13, 2020

FCI Standard of breed Rhodesian ridgeback

South Africa
Hunting, partner
Group 6. Hounds, hounds on a blood trace and related breeds.
Section 3. Related breeds.
Without working tests.
Standard of a Rhodesian Ridgeback
On a photo: Rhodesian ridgeback

of This standard adhere the Film logical union of South Africa and Zimbabwean film logical club.

Short historical summary
Rhodesian ridgebacks are Now the only South Africa registered by native breed. Their ancestors lived in colony of the Cape of Good Hope where they were crossed with dogs of colonists and semi-domestic, edge, hunting dogs of gottentot. Hunt groups on two-three dogs. An initial task of a Rhodesian ridgeback, or "lion's dog" — to track down a lion and thanks to the quickness to hold it on the place before approach of the hunter. The original standard created in 1922 by F.R. Barnes (Bulawayo, Rhodesia) was based on the Dalmatian standard and was approved by the South African film logical union in 1926.

General view
the Rhodesian Ridgeback represents perfectly balanced, strong, brawny, quick and active dog symmetric on the outlines and capable to long and fast run. At the same time the quickness, elegance and fortress are not followed by massiveness. Distinctive feature of this breed is the back crest (ridge) which is formed by the wool growing in the direction opposite to the rest of a wool cover.
This crest has to have accurate outlines, to be symmetric, to begin at once behind shoulders and to have cone-shaped narrowing to a back part of a dog (femurs). It has to have only two identical nimbuses, located against each other.
Bottom edges of each nimbus should not stretch down more, than for one third of a crest. Its average width is 5 cm
Keeps with advantage, is clever, haughty with strangers, without signs of aggression or joy.

of Golov
Skull: has to be the average length (head width between ears, distance from a nape to top and from top to a nose have to be equal), equal and wide between ears at rest on the head it should not be formed folds. The top has to be accurately depicted and not be on one straight line with a nose and an occipital bone.

Front area
Nose: has to be black or brown, and the first has to be combined with dark eyes, the second — with yellow.
Muscles: have to be long, deep and powerful.
Lips: have to be smooth and precisely correspond to jaws.
Mouth: jaws strong, with a perfect "scissors" bite, that is upper teeth densely come on lower and are well adjusted to jaws. Teeth have to be well developed, especially it concerns canines, or holders.
Cheeks: have to be smooth.
Eyes: are moderately placed separately, round, clever, live. Color has to be in harmony with color of wool.
Ears: have to be quite highly, adjoin densely to the head, to be the average size, quite wide at the basis and gradually narrowed by the rounded-off ends.
Neck: has to be average length, strong and without suspension.

Back part: powerful.
Waist: strong, brawny and slightly curved.
Thorax: should not be too wide, however it is rather deep and capacious. Brisket has to reach elbows.
Front part of a breast: it has to be visible if to take a detached view.
Edges: moderately elastic, but not rounded off in the manner of hoops for barrels at all.
Tail: has to be strong at the root basis, gradually narrowed by the end and not to have any roughnesses. Moderate length. It is attached not too highly and not too low, is in the state which is slightly bent up and never curls.

Front part
Front extremities have to be absolutely direct, strong and quite bony, and elbows have to adjoin to a trunk. At a look from outside front legs have to look wider than when you look at them in front. Grandmas have to be strong, slightly elastic.
Shoulders: have to be sloping, smooth and brawny that guarantees movement speed.
Foot: have to be compact and rounded off, with well curved fingers and dense, elastic small pillows protected by the hair growing between them and fingers.

Back part
of the Muscle of back extremities have to be smooth, pronounced, with the good knee cups and strong knee sinews which are accurately going down.

Directly forward, free and active.

Wool cover
Wool has to be short and dense, shining and shining, but not too fluffy or silky.

From light - to reddish and wheat. Small existence of white spots on a breast or fingers is quite admissible, however their abundance in these parts and also on a belly or above fingers is considered undesirable. The dark muzzle and ears is quite possible. The abundance of black hair on all skin is extremely undesirable.

Dogs: 63 — 69 cm, boughs: 61 — 66 cm

Dogs: 36.5 kg, boughs: 32 kg.

Any deviation from the above standards is considered a shortcoming, and, the deviation is stronger, the shortcoming is more serious.

Dogs have to have two normal small egg which is completely lowered in a scrotum.

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